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Apr 2, 2014 07:08 PM

Lethbridge... Any recos?

Greetings Prairie Hounds!

Heading to Lethbridge on Saturday for a week to visit family. Any recos for coffee shops, pizza and my childhood fav - Canadian Chinese?

Also any recos for funky lunch places?


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  1. define funky? Rics Grill has a restaurant in a water tower in Lethbridge. That pretty funky!

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    1. re: kritafo

      I ate there about 4 years ago and maybe we'll go back, but that's not really what I was thinking about.

      So to define funky (or at least what I'm looking for), I'd say I'm looking for something that is a little unique, for instance:
      - do they make everything in house or is there a big food service truck that pulls up at the back door?
      - do they use local ingredients (hard at this time of year)
      - do they have any interesting vegetarian / vegan options


    2. -Penny Coffee House: 331 5 St. S.
      -Not Chinese-Canadian, but check out Dumpling House: 313 5 St. S.
      -For interesting lunch, Umami Shop: 814 4 Ave. S.
      -For good beer, Telegraph Tap House: 310 6 St. S.
      A few others:
      -Lighthouse Japanese: 78 3 Ave. S.
      -Baadshah Indian: 310 5 St. So.
      -Miro Bistro: 212 5 St. S.

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      1. re: VitalForce

        Thanks... Looking forward to checking these out!