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Where to eat on Monday to celebrate doctoral defense

Do you have a suggestion where to eat for lunch on a Monday near McGill University?

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  1. pullman for Champagne (and other good wine) and small bites.

    1. Congratulations on your doctoral defence!

      What do you and your colleagues, friends and family like to eat? At McGill, you are also not far at all from the southwestern Plateau.

      1. Pullman isnt open for lunch. I would say Pintxo if you want really great food at a good price for lunch but its not open on Monday either. All the places that cater to business clients are open... what kind of food do you like... i can offer lots of suggestions but nothing sticks out for a monday lunch party based on what you said

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          I missed out on the "lunch" thing.

        2. For monday lunch, i always end up festing at Leméac or Bouilllon Bilk.

          1. If you want something nearby the Korean place on Sherbrooke and University is nice.

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              Atti? I only went one time and found the service and atmosphere weird and the food only mediocre

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                I went to Atti once and the food was very good and the service/atmosphere was perfectly nice. Maybe it depends on the day. ;-)

            2. Ferriera Cafe if you wanna splurge (high end Portuguese). At the other end of the spectrum, you can't go wrong with The Main (burgers, steak, smoked meat) or La Cabane (Portuguese grill) just about a 20 min walk over on St-Laurent.

              I've heard good things about Atti, the Korean place, too, although I haven't been. Some Koreans I know consider it one of the better places in town.

              1. Budget?
                Maison Boulud, Dominion Square on the higher end... Maybe Cafe Parvis for something more casual.

                1. It depends...are you celebrating that you effectively defended your paper or that you simply defended it and don't know whether you were successful :))

                  Either way I would recommend Furusato on Bleury- 2137 Rue de Bleury, Montréal, QC H3A
                  Phone:(514) 849-3438

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                  1. Congrats!

                    I agree with Fintastic: it depends on the budget.

                    Having friends with doctorates I'd be tempted to suggest Maison Boulud just to splurge and celebrate.

                    Then again, my friends who finished their defense used to have tight budgets so you might want to try something lower key like Brasserie T/Bouillon Bilk/Dominion Square Tavern (I'm not a great fan of Dominion Square Tavern food but I like the decor and I could picture celebrating something there).

                    I tend to but these three below La Maison Boulud as far as price goes but maybe I'm misguided? I expect to spend 50-60$ before wine at BrasserieT/Bouillon Bilk and Dominion Square where with Maison Boulud I'm thinking more around 100$.

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                      Thanks for all your suggestions and congratulations. In the end, my daughter, who successfully defended her doctoral thesis, wanted to keep things simple, so we chose: Café Orange. I know, nothing out of the ordinary, but we reserved a large booth, and the food was fresh.

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                          Congratulations. Cafe Orange is a great choice - it is my Sunday Brunch Resto