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Apr 2, 2014 05:21 PM

Boston restaurant reviews will suffer?

I just got a peek today at both the website and the new, and do not like either. I'm wondering how the website changes will affect the availability and frequency of of restaurant reviews and other food information. Anyone have a clue?

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  1. Not sure what goes behind the new paywall yet. seems headed for Buzzfeed-style click-baiting dopiness, while the serious content will go under the Globe banner and no longer be free.

    I think Devra is doing the kind of quality feature writing and reviewing these days that I would be willing to pay for. It's clear that the old model isn't sustainable.

    1. has quite a bit of food writing every week - it seems unlikely that that would go away. What is disappearing is the biweekly chat - Devra had one Tuesday, and said that she had asked that The Powers That Be let her know before her last one, so on may hope that there's at least one more to come. (On the other hand, Miss Conduct said that her chat yesterday was the last one.)

      1. has become useless. They just euthanized it indirectly.

        1. I never believed the Globe ever had a great food section. Always seemed to be a cheap imitation of the NYT.