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Apr 2, 2014 04:14 PM

ISO allergy-aware restaurants in Boulder and Colorado Springs

My family, including my peanut-allergic 14 year old son, will be vacationing in Boulder and Colorado Springs for two weeks beginning Friday. We are in search of restaurants in both locales that can accommodate his allergy. Cross contamination is a huge concern, and many restaurants just don't seem to "get it." We will have kitchens in both places and will cook the majority of our meals ourselves, but it's always nice to enjoy a few lunches or dinners out when we're on vacation.

Recommendations are most welcome. Thank you!

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  1. my child has a PN/TN allergy and we live in Boulder and I get it. I know, most restaurants don't get it. After going to the ER and epi from God knows what from whole foods i'm more careful than ever. I don't know a thing about Colorado Springs since we just moved to the state last year-except that there's supposedly a nut free/gluten free bakery in CS. i'm surprised there isn't one here. Here are the list of places we go to.

    Black Pepper Pho- Vietnamese and nut free facility. They even state it on their website. Food is decent. not the best vietnamese but heck, if i can eat it with child then it wins.

    Zoe Ma ma- Chinese off of Pearl St. Order at the counter. Again, she uses no PN or TN. Really amazing homemade chinese food.

    Fate Brewing Co.- Brewery with American/farm to table-ish food. It's great food too. Owner has a TN nut allergy but tell your server as always. I think they have peanuts on a dessert but it's away from the main foods.

    Restaurant 4580- American cuisine. I've never been there but I belong to a allergy support group and people from our group go there often.

    Shine Restaurant- Gluten free place. Keep in mind they use a lot of other nuts like almonds and cashews but they don't have peanuts. The food is ok. A typical Boulder experience.

    Pizzeria Locale- Neapolitan pizza. The have pine nuts but they don't use peanuts or so we haven't encountered yet. But of course, let your server know.

    BeauJo's- Colorado style pizza. It's your colorado experience. Not the best pie but very allergy aware.

    Zolo Grill- Southwest Mexican food. Former head chef has a peanut allergy. they're pretty good about handling the food there. The chef is now at a place called Post Brewing Co.which is in Lafayette, a town outside of Boulder. We've never gone bc each time we tried the place was PACKED like 2 hr waits. just not worth it IMO.

    Jax Fish House- Owned by the same people as Zolo. No Peanuts on the menu. Very packed and small space Awesome happy hour menu.

    Places we don't go bc they use peanut oil:
    The Kitchen Next Door/The Kitchen- we have gone there but be very careful. so much of the food is deep fried in their fryer and their kitchen is small.
    Brasserie Ten Ten
    The Med
    Salt/Toms Tavern- we've eaten there but cautiously. They use peanut oil in the fryer but the kitchen is bigger than the kitchen next door.

    Also keep in mind Boulder is big on happy hour and this includes food. Most places serve a happy hour menu until 5:30 or so. We love Jax Fish House happy hour.

    Good luck and let me know if you have anymore questions. And PLEASE let give us an update. I'd love to hear about your experiences in Colorado Springs!!

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      I live in Lafayette and have eaten at The Post. Best roast beef sandwich I've ever had. Great sides, good fried chicken. Best to go on an early week night like Monday or Tuesday right now due to crowds. Lafayette seems to be starting to take off in the shadow of Louisville and Boulder and The Post is really the first "place to be" sort of restaurant. And it's part of the Big Red F group that owns Zolo, Jax and El Centro.

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        I wish they would take reservations.

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          Thank you both for all the helpful information. I really appreciate it! These are some great options for us. I will post back when we return from vacation.

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            FYI The Post has now opened an amazing patio and added lunch service. A friend and I arrived for Saturday lunch at noon with no problem being seated and plenty of space the entire time we were there.

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              Thanks. we'll have to give it a try one of these days!