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Apr 2, 2014 04:06 PM

Jambo African Imports and Spices (Santa Fe)

I've never eaten at Jambo Cafe, but I was in the area today and noticed that they have opened up a little import shop with the same name and logo a few doors down from the restaurant. The front part of the store is African art and home decor items, but they have a little area in the back where they sell bulk spices and African spice blends. Everything is very reasonably priced, and looks and smells great (although I wonder about staleness after a while, since many of the spices are in baskets fully exposed to the air). I picked up a piri piri blend ($3.00 for a 2oz bag), some green cardamon pods ($2.50 for a slightly smaller bag) and some black cardamom pods ($0.55 for 5 pods). I'm planning on making some piri piri rubbed chicken later this week and will post an update on the taste when I do. In the mean time, I'd definitely recommend checking them out.

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  1. A quick update -- The piri piri blend made some great hot wings mixed with salt and lemon juice (all of their blends seem to be salt free). A touch heavy on the smoked paprika, but a good level of spice and flavor. I'm excited to try more.