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Apr 2, 2014 03:01 PM

Vitamix- Models/Prices- help please

My 10 year old blendtec is about to kick the bucket and I have decided to try out a Vitamix blender. I use the blender 2 or more times a day- smoothie for breakfast, and then some sort of soup our puree during lunch/dinner.

There seems to be dozens of different vitamix models and they all have different prices on various websites. I am looking to get some feedback from Vitamix owners about what you got, what you paid, and how you feel about the features.

I watched a 15 minute display at costco yesterday and the dude doing it said the 6300 professional model was 2 decibels quiter and had a automatic speed adjustment based on the size of vegetable chunks you put into it but I can't find any verification of either of those online.

Help/suggestions would be much appreciated- thanks!

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    1. I bought my 5200 a few years ago using VM's free 3 payment plan. It was over $400, I believe.

      I haven't regretted it for a second.

      1. I looked at all the different types of models and settled on the 7500. It turns out that many of the models are redundant, so there aren't as many choices as it seems at first. This page has a table that I think summarizes the models best:
        I decided that the preset modes would not be particularly useful to me, because I like to experiment and I always make different amounts. (The presets ate just timed programs.
        )I decided to buy a refurbished machine direct from Vitamix because that was the best deal at $439 for the model I chose.
        On the 7500 I like the wide container because it makes the tamper unnecessary for a lot of smoothies -- ingredients fall into the blades more easily. The container is also shorter so it is more convenient to store, and scraping ingredients out is easier than on my friend's tall 5200. The 7500 also has better sound damping. Its still loud, but every little bit helps.
        My understanding is that the 6300 does not have any better sound damping, and the Costco guys are notorious for saying anything to get you to buy the model they are selling.

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        1. re: artiek

          Thanks for the reply- it sounded like bullshit when I was watching but perhaps because I'm a stupid American after listening for a while I was like "oh that seems reasonable"- thank god it wasn't an hour long infomercial or I would have ordered two...

          1. re: artiek

            I researched all the models and bought the 7500 also. Got a great deal on QVC. I had the 750 and returned it. I didn't find the presets useful. The presets are just timed programs and if you use hot liquid to make a soup it will process too long. The puree is one time and you might want it coarser of finer. The smoothie preset isn't useful to me. Just start it on 5 and move to ten and stop when you don't see any small pieces spinning around. The frozen dessert setting you still have to be there to use the tamper, and the wash cycle is ridiculous. Just turn it on for 10-15 seconds and you're done if you use it at all.

            When they demoed a machine on QVC that just had timed settings and no variable speed they always turned it off before the preset time.

          2. There are actually only 5 distinct models. You should ask yourself:

            Do you want pre-programmed settings?

            Do you want the new generation container?

            Since you had a Blendtec you'll probably want the pre-programmed settings. You're already down to 2 models the 6300 and Pro 750. Now do you want the new generation Vitamix with a few improvements such as the wider jar? If so you're looking at Vitamix's flagship model, the Professional Series 750.

            If you go to Vitamix's Certified Reconditioned page it simplifies all of the overlapping.


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            1. re: unprofessional_chef

              Thanks chef- In the thread another poster pasted above there were differing opinions on the new wide jar vs the traditional taller jar- if Im not worried about it fitting under the counter do you think the taller jar is better?


              1. re: CastorTroyLV

                The traditional taller jar has a narrow bottom which allows you to make smaller single servings. For example, a single small avocado to make guacamole. Or a small single serving banana/strawberry icecream. The ingredients must cover the blades to get a good blend. The draw back to a narrow bottom is things can cavitate. This is less of a problem with the Blendtec and next gen Vitamix jars because the bottoms are wider. But you just push things down with the tamper, problem solved.

                Narrow VS wide jar... one isn't necessarily better than the other. It depends on how you use your blender.

                1. re: CastorTroyLV

                  The shorter jar is much better. It's wider at the bottom with a wider blade. This allows for more efficient blending and better "chopping control". It's also easier to get things out as well as clean. The models that come with the new jar (7500, 750) are also the quieter models, if that matters to you.

                  If it's about smaller portions there is little to no difference between them and if that is important then the smaller 32 oz container (works on all models) is what you want.

                  1. re: CastorTroyLV

                    I've had the 5200 with the traditional jar for a few years and I don't have any problems getting anything out of it, or cleaning it. I don't use it for chopping though, except the dry container when I want to chop grains.

                2. There really isn't that many different models - it's just that there are several models that have different names and numbers for marketing purposes. It is darn confusing - even talking to folks at Vitamix doesn't always help.

                  This site: has an amazing amount of info to help. Contacting them was the best thing I did as they gave better info than Vitamix did. I now have a reconditioned 7500.

                  Basically there are:

                  Classic C-Series
                  based on the most popular 5200. It's a variable speed model (5200, TurboblendVS, Professional, CIA, Creations). Some models have program cycles added (500, 6300


                  New Generation Series
                  based on the most popular 7500. Latest Design with quieter motor and and shorter containers. Some models have program cycles added (750)

                  The 6300 is the exact same as the 500 which is the same blender as the 5200 with added programs. It is not any quieter than any of the C-Series and "adjustment based on size of vegetable chunks" is made up.

                  Basically decide if you want programs or not (personally, i find the beauty of a vitamix to be the variable speed and don't care for the cycles). Then whichever you decide - get a reconditioned version of it through vitamix. Basically the same as new but at a huge savings.

                  Ultimately you can't go wrong with any model.