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Apr 2, 2014 01:11 PM

Tow amazing discoveries in the last 24 hrs - awesome Indian food and a new Asian market

Last night I discovered Taste of India. It is this divey little place on Cleary in Metairie that actually had GOOD Indian food! It was so delicious. I overheard the owner talking and I think he might be going to sell the place. :(
So, if you love Indian food, you may want to check it out before it is gone.

Also, in Metairie, I came across the Golden Asian Market on N. Arnoult. It was pretty big, clean, and seemed to have a pretty extensive selection of Asian food.

Has anyone else been to these new places? What was your impression of them?

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  1. Oops, I meant "two" not "tow"

    1. I'm batting a thousand here. The restaurant is called "Flavors of India" not "Taste of India".

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        That resto has a long lineage of related predecessors, stretching back to the Indian buffet place inside the old Elmwood mall food court. IIRC the owners are Sikh.

      2. WOW ! Just got back from Golden Market. This place is fantastic. No need to trek all the way to Hong Kong Market anymore !