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Apr 2, 2014 12:30 PM

Yevma, East Meadow

Soooo, two take out meals so far and I would love to hear from anyone that has tried this place. I would also love to read what Newsday has to say about their dining experience here as well. Especially Erica Marcus and Peter Gianotti.

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  1. what about you? what is your opinion?

    and do you eat out every meal of every day? I can't keep up with the amount of places you report on! Your asking about Yevma today, and it sounds like you ate at Kyma today based on your pic. I'm jealous................

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    1. re: jpf1980

      Thanks jpf for caring about me. I'm really not that important though. Regardless, to answer your question, I eat out breakfast and lunch daily. But don't be so jealous. I find many more misses than hits. And for 5 years I worked from home. Cooking food some of the best restaurants wish they could serve.
      I also, much like the original Chowhounds on this site... I don't necessarily have to be 'hungry' to eat. I do post mostly cheap eats for breakfast and lunch. If I grab a bodega (egg and cheese on a roll) at 6am... I'm overdo for lunch at 11am... I could easily grab another small, cheap bite at 3ish or so...
      I drive all over Nassau and western Suffolk all day long as part of my profession.
      I'm not having a large lunch at Blackstone Steak house or Peter Lugers. But I am game for a big and good breakfast at Maureens kitchen, if only because they are the only place on the island that has a clue how to make scrambled eggs. Or a super tasty breakfast or lunch at Morning Rose Cafe... wow.
      As for the pic at Kyma, I got that from Facebook.
      I do some reading online. All food related.
      I like this site and wish more people would post more about the chow they find. It seems like some keep it to themselves and some share. I'll share. As do you.

      1. re: Gastronomos

        i live a totally different life and can't get to all the places i want to try, but i only get 2 maybe 3 total meals a week from a restaurant/food establishment of some sort or another.

        u forgot to tell us how your two take out meals were at Yevma