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Apr 2, 2014 12:24 PM

Just purchased some amazing Balsamics. Need help.

I need some amazing ways to wow my family with these. I have Chocolate Balsamic, Bourbon Peach Balsamic, Pear Balsamic, and Blood Orange Olive Oil. I need ways to use them. I also want to use them with Seafood, Chicken, Pasta, and Dessert.

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  1. The pear balsamic is great over roasted beets.

    Sooooo good drizzled over ricotta cheese. I know everyone says ice cream and that's great and all but try the ricotta. A creamy one like Kraft (yeah, they make ricotta and it's good)

    The chocolate balsamic sounds really icky to be honest, so please report back on that one.

    1. The pear balsamic could be good with roasted Brussels sprouts or asparagus. The olive oil and the pear could make a good salad dressing.

      None of them sound good on pasta, but I'd like them on rice.
      Bourbon peach balsamic would be a good one for Marzella Hazan's Pork Loin in vinegar and Bay leaves.

      1. Bourbon peach would be great with chicken too