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Apr 2, 2014 12:03 PM

Has anyone been to Broussards lately?

Just wondering what it is like under new management, Menu changes,
refurbished decor, etc. , and any other improvements you have noticed.

Thanks for your response.

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  1. Worth a try. Beautiful renovations, good diverse menu, creative and fairly priced wine list courtesy of industry vet Chris Ycaza, the general manager there. I do remember getting a pheasant entree and loving it. Enjoy!

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    1. re: sanglier

      I did not realize Chris was over there. That's a good sign/

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        What sort of renovations were done? I hope they didn't compromise the historic feel of the restaurant by attempting to "update" or "modernize" the decor...

      2. we went this past Thurs, and frankly it was bad.

        The room is pretty, if a bit 'cold' and impersonal feeling (in part because it's fairly big, and it was fairly empty).

        The waiter and service staff tried extra hard, and I have no service complaints at all.

        But the big let down was the food.
        In a city with so many stellar alternatives, and at the not at all inexpensive prices, the food was completely "eh".

        Everything (and I mean EVERYTHING, from starters through mains for all 4 of us) came out luke warm at best.
        And everything was either a little bland, or weirdly 'off' tasting. Or both.

        It's possible, I suppose, that we hit a SEVERELY off night... but at high end prices that's not really acceptable.

        There is something seriously wrong going on in that kitchen.

        1. Very DISAPPOINTING! Went last night, group of eleven, in NOLA for a week (we're all out-of-town-ers, but frequent New Orleans visitors). Have been to all the classic places, high-brow & low, many times. None as expensive as (the new) Broussard's. EMPTY restaurant, but slow to seat and then take order: 35 min+ for appetizers, then 50 min for entrees. Wine list absurd (cheapest $60, most $100+); we're from NYC, & top places there all have $30-40 bottles. Food all terribly subpar. I know restaurants all have bad nights, but the service was cold & dis-interested. No pleasant comments or apologies. Except for one young woman, no-one even smiled. The courtyard is one of the loveliest in the Quarter, but it's simply not worth it.

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            Wow, you and weedy have troubling reports to pass on! My experience wasn't that long ago, December 2013, but apparently things have gone downhill quickly. Hope all those renovations weren't for naught.