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Apr 2, 2014 11:56 AM

Brooklyn Chinese or Chinese-ish for 20th Anniversary dinner?

The traditional 20th anniversary gift is "China." To go with the theme, I want to take my hubby to a nice Chinese dinner. We'll be in Park Slope earlier in the day, and would greatly prefer a place in Brooklyn if possible. It doesn't have to be strictly Chinese; Asian fusion would be okay as long as there's some thread of "China" to keep the theme going.

Atmosphere is important. For this occasion, if I had to make the choice, I would prefer good food with a great atmosphere to great food with no atmosphere. I also want to give the waiter a special small treat to be delivered to the table with the check, so it should be a place that would be amenable to doing that.

We will be with our 7-year-old child, who is quiet and well behaved and used to eating in grown-up restaurants.

Any recommendations are very much appreciated!

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  1. I recommend East Harbor Seafood Palace

    1. If you have a car this place in Bay Ridge sounds perfect for you. They are 15 minutes from Park Slope and have valet parking. If you don't have a car they are about an 8 block walk from the subway 95th street stop on R train.

      1. Absolutely agree with East Harbor.
        As an alternative, there's Pacificana and Lucky 8.
        Finally, there's the food court at the Fei Long Supermarket, for a real family-style experience.

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          Pacificana is a nice festive space with a big menu but the food is very spotty - we had an absolutely awful salt and pepper squid there last year - but mayb all that "breading" is to the taste of today's diners so that would not be an issue for the OP..I also think it would be better for a big group than a 1 on 1 evening date - although with a smile child that might be an advantage. They have the big round tables and there was nobody anywhere near us when the two of us dined.

          1. re: jen kalb

            Agree that Pacificana isn't what it used to be.
            East Harbor would be my first choice.

            1. re: famdoc

              Second on Pacificana not being what it used to be. The food has gotten very mediocre and, while the space is stunning, the decor has also gotten a little run-down.

              If Chinese is what you want, I agree with the rec for East Harbor. But, while the food is good, the atmosphere is that of a giant dim sum palace. If that's not what you want, and if, by Chinese or Asian-Fusion, you mean any cuisine that clearly has a chinese influence, then may I suggest these, in no particular order:

              Pok Pok in Cobble Hill--Thai, which is a cuisine heavily influenced by China

              Purple Yam in Ditmas Par--Filipino, ditto

              Nightingale 9 in Carroll Gardens--Vietnamese, ditto

              Talde in Park Slope--pan-asian, not my favorite but probably the most upscale in atmosphere

              I'm sure there are others, particularly in Williamsburg, that I am omitting.

              At all of these you can have a festive meal (cocktails etc) but also fine places to bring a child. Haven't been to Purple Yam or Talde in years. Pok Pok and Nightingale 9 are good, though IMHO overpriced, but I'm usually willing to overlook that for special occasion meals.

              If this is the kind of thing you had in mind (rather than dim sum parlors and food courts) speak up, because I'm sure there are other good places like these that I don't know about but other hounders do. For instance, is Uni Nom still around?