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Apr 2, 2014 11:42 AM

Crispy chicken skin with a glaze

Anyone have any luck getting a roasted chicken to maintain its crispiness once a fruit-based glazed is applied?

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  1. Don't think it's possible?? Adding any liquid to crispie will soften it, I think.

    1. I broil it when its just cooked. Sometimes it burns but sometimes it manages to get crispy pre burning

      1. Might work if the glaze is thin enough. Something with jammy consistency, no. Basting a chicken with equal parts soy sauce, honey, and toasted sesame oil works; you might be able to add something like cider or orange juice as a 4th component. Worth a try - it might not stay crisp but still taste great.

        Or, try packets of TrueLemon, TrueOrange, or TrueLime mixed into oil or melted butter as a baste. Think they make grapefruit and tangerine too. They are actual juice transformed to powder by removal of all the water.

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          I love those True packets!

          You can also find lemon, line and orange oil

        2. Citrus zest could be used instead of juice.

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            If you want flavour plus crispy, mix non-wet seasonings (herbs, spices, citrus zest, etc) with butter, and push the butter under the skin.

          2. If you get your fingers in there and separate the skin from the meat, you can put most anything under the skin and still get the crisp that you want.