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Apr 2, 2014 11:08 AM

Amazing Pesach supermarket -Cherry Hill, NJ

just want to share/give a shout-out to the Shop Rite supermarket in Cherry Hill NJ, (rt. 70) They do a great Peasachdik assortment every year they also have a year-round friendly and fairly priced kosher butcher... they order many products from Israel (I bought olive oil, pickles, Prigat grapefruit juice, jam, date spread and shug, (spicy spread) Of course, they have the usual matzah products, packaged baked goods, frozen section, KP cheese, butter etc..etc.. It truly is worth the trip if you're anywhere close. Here's a link to a complete blog post I wrote about it a few years ago...

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  1. For those further east, Lakewood's Shop Rite is the go-to destination. (I was going to say "the holy grail" but that would be mixing metaphors!)

    1. Next time, take pictures.