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Apr 2, 2014 10:29 AM

Pre Easter Sat. Night Dinner in Worcester

Anything new and amazing or highly recommended for Saturday Night Pre Easter Dinner for 6 adults in Worcester? Moderate to high end American style cuisine please. Mom loves Via to give you an example of her preferences.

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  1. Contemporary American is not a category in which Worcester excels. At the top of the list is Ceres in the Beechwood -- always good for conversation, very reliable food and service. After that, I'm sort of stumped.

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      Of course there's 111 Chop House, but I find that place noisy and a bit full of itself. Armsby Abbey has wonderful food, but it's not a Mom place.

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        Aaand if you don't mind driving, Five Loaves in Spencer is wonderful. OK, I'm done now.

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          I don't eat meat, we had an abysmal experience at Ceres and ya, Spencer, not interested....thanks all..might go to Sonoma in Princeton.

      2. I think you ask this every year. Ceres has changed chefs and management probably the last time you were there. It's not bad.Also Via is Tuscan Italian cuisine which has a different feel to Contemporary American in which Rick_V mentioned lacks in Worcester. Try 85 Main in Putnam Ct, a half hour from worcester. Very good food. Sonoma...yawn boring

        1. Romaine's is a mom type place, not amazingly exciting but consistently good.