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Apr 2, 2014 10:24 AM

Pig Roast Morris County

I am having a backyard wedding this summer and my fiancee and I want to have a pig roast for the reception(clearly we are a bit unconventional).
I've done a ton of research and have decided on four companies.We live in Morris County, so I immediately ruled out the companies located down the shore.

I was wondering if anyone had any opinion on these places, have had their pig roast, eaten at their joint(if they have one) etc. They all offer basically the same thing for their pig roast so I'm looking for quality of food.

Ronnie's All American Bar-B-Que, Denville

The American BBQ Company, Denville

Hog Wild BBQ, Caldwell

Hot Rod's BBQ, Wharton

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Ronnie's All American Bar-B-Que, Denville ....No experience

    The American BBQ Company, Denville.....Not a Fan

    Hog Wild BBQ, Caldwell....Fair

    Hot Rod's BBQ, Wharton....Terrible

    * Consider purchasing your own'll cost you <$200 / You can order one at Top Quality Market in Parsippany and it'll be better than any Roast Pig from who you note above. You can even get Suckling Pigs from them as well.

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    1. re: fourunder

      Thanks for the info!
      I should have also mentioned, we are looking to have it catered. Or at least hire a staff who could roast the pig, slice and serve as neither of us want to be consumed with preparing and serving the food on that day.

      Maybe I can find a "private chef" who I can hire, then purchase the pig myself?

      I also found Green Village Packing in Green Village(Madison/Chatham) who does Pig Roasts as well... any experience with them or their meats?

      1. re: dee_mc

        Green Village is a quality purveyor, but I have not been to any events they have catered. I would doubt any of the mentioned caterers would actually roast the pig on sight. Even when I went to Hawaii the pigs were [re roasted for the Luau. You certainly could hire another chef, but cutting and portioning the pig is actually quite easy. You remove the Crispy skin and make vertical cuts. I'm sure there's a YouTube video to show you how..

        Go sample the pig, you won't be disappointed.