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Apr 2, 2014 10:06 AM

Liquid smoke in Vancouver?

Has anyone seen or know where to pick up some liquid smoke in Vancouver city?


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  1. I have a bottle by Colgin:

    Should be available (or other brands) in most supermarkets. Or butchers.

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    1. re: LotusRapper

      The Good Stuff is Woodland brand it can be found @ all better quality grocery stores like Urban Fare, Whole Paycheque and the like-even the little grocery near me @ Cypress & 1st in Kits carries it.

      Don'y overpay a 150ml bottle should be no more than $4.99.

        1. re: Sam Salmon

          I'm pretty sure I bought my Woodland at No Frills - if they have it, everyone sure does.

      1. Heck, even Army & Navy on Cordova sells the stuff!

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        1. I bought Colgin (from TX) at the local supermarket here in coastal BC - I like that it says "apply freely" or some such suggestion - tho in my learning experience - a little goes a long way - no freely for us.

          my ALTERNATE answer is ...

          isn't this stuff usually passed down from one generation to next? your neighbor likely has some that they inherited ; )
          ... it lasts forever (in the fridge) - and as I said above - a little goes a long way - in fact, the bottle I have was cuz we had a guest aspiring chef visiting in our home - from Montana (and also TX) - so he needed a few drops of this stuff - and I still have it ----------- I just checked what I have moved now 3 times (we move fairly often) - and I think that I will have to take the bottle to our local tire repair shop in order to use that power wrench to get the lid off ; )

          back to topic - is there a diff between Woodland and Colgin?

          1. Thanks for the info peeps! I've had trouble finding it in the past. Whole Foods? Thought they wouldn't sell something that's a known carcinogen. I'll check No Frills, Army & Navy.

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            1. re: schraminvan

              I'm sure Whole Foods has a med-free, free range, Omega 3-rich liquid E-smoke .....

            2. IGA on 41st near Dunbar has it 100%, in two varieties. Presumably all IGAs have it then, but can't say for sure.