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Repurposing Brownies-Help!

So, I decided to make brownie mini cupcakes using a mix with some added nutella.
They are sticking to the pan, despite non-stick spray which has never failed me before.
The brownies are just not coming out whole (I know, I screwed up!), so I'm going to end up with crumbles brownies, and LOTS of them.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. cake balls? parfaits?

    1. Were you serving them for something special or just a snack for family?

      For family you could throw brownie crumbs over ice cream or mix them into ice cream with other ingredients like chocolate chips and raspberries. Or take all the crumbs and smash them together, roll into a log and slice for brownie cookies!

      For guests I would either make parfaits, layered sundaes or a trifle.

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        These were for DH's office.
        Hmm... trifle might work, or parfaits in little plastic cups.

      2. Maybe make a trifle kind of dish with the pieces? Layer with pudding and/ or whipped cream, perhaps some chocolate syrup or butterscotch here and there? Perhaps dabs of some kind of preserves- cherry or strawberry? Depending on what kind of dishes you have, either one big trifle or individual ones?

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          I like the idea of pairing brownies with cherries.

        2. You can make an ice cream pie out of ANYTHING: brownie crumbs, leftover cake, broken cookies, odds and ends of ice cream in the bottom of boxes, bits of fruit, blobs of sauce, whipped cream, sprinkles of rum, etc. It's a great way to pass off miscellaneous garbage as a fancy dessert. Just layer things nicely into a pie pan, freeze, and serve with an attitude that you know what you' re doing. "Assume a virtue if you have it not," says Shakespeare.

          1. I would suggest in the future you switch over to Baker's Joy. Baked cakes etc. never stick with it. I know I had posted before about making a lemon pound cake and I was out of BJ. and used Pam. The cake stuck like it was glued in to the pan.

            Maybe you can make a chocolate and Nutella and whipped cream. You might want to drizzle the brownies with some dark rum. That would work nicely.

            1. How about cutting out some bite size portions, put in a fancy parfait glass or ice cream glass, add some ice cream and hot chocolate sauce to the mix, a cherry on top perhaps?

              1. I think it would make sense to press them into the bottom of a pan of your choice and layer other stuff on top (nuts, coconut, toffee, M&Ms, pretzels, etc.), and then bind it together with caramel or melted chocolate. Instant bar cookies.

                1. I made a Death By Chocolate Trifle for Thanksgiving. Brownies, whipped cream, pudding, chopped up peanut butter cups. Everyone devoured it.

                  1. They'd make an amazing crust for a no-bake pie. Also, you could cut them into small pieces, freeze, and use as add-ins for ice cream.

                    1. I just made brownies the other night and I too had it sticking to the bottom of the pan despite buttering and dusting the pan with flour.

                      Since you are making cupcakes, I would recommend you crumbling them into smaller pieces and sprinkling them on top of your cupcakes as decorations.

                      You can also roll them into balls and dip them into melted chocolate to harden. I’m sure if there are kids around, they would love brownie balls!

                      If you are serving ice cream, I would top the ice cream with brownie bits too.

                      Lastly, just freeze them until you have other projects that call for crumbled brownies. They freeze very well.

                      1. Use them for a base for cheesecake, maybe a pb one.

                        1. Scoop all of them into a bowl and top with some plain Greek yogurt.

                          Find spoon.

                          Use said spoon on the bowl.

                          Repeat as necessary.

                          1. Make a brownie trifle... Yum! Or if you don't want to mess with them, just do sundaes with crumbled brownie, good icecream, and some nice topping (preferably homemade chocolate sauce)...

                            1. Since you said they're for the office, I'd make some cookies for your partner to take instead, and put the brownies into the freezer to use at home - parfaits, crumbles etc are delicious, but probably way too awkard/perishable/messy to take to the office...

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                                The community trifle has me a bit worried, but honestly, I couldn't bring myself to making cookies with them- just wanted to assemble vs. bake.

                                DH assures me that the office will like it- again, will report back!

                                btw.. if I had the energy, I was going to make chocolate brownie crackle cookies.

                              2. Thank you all for your inspiration!

                                I made a trifle with chopped brownies, chocolate pudding, real whipped cream (sugar and vanilla) and cherries (pie filling- yes, I went there!).

                                It looks like a fluffy dream in a bowl.
                                DH says his office mates will love it- I'll report back about that.

                                Side note- I planned on baking a second batch of brownie cupcakes once I "popped" the first batch out. Of course, that didn't happen!
                                So with the remaining batter, I threw chance to the wind and greases up a non-stick 8x8 pan and baked.
                                Turned. Out. Perfect.
                                Came. Out. Perfect.

                                Ugh! It's my mini-cupcake pan! I've been spraying and baking muffins in it for years, and never have stickage. But, the brownie mix was that pan's Waterloo.

                                1. crumble over ice cream, how bad could that be.

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                                    I'm reserving some just for that- in the freezer!

                                  2. Just put them in a bowl and top with ice cream and chocolate sauce. yummy