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Apr 2, 2014 09:09 AM

Lancaster Doouble Tree -- fast, inexpensive

I'm going to a 4 day quilting retreat at the Lancaster Double Tree (Willow Road) this weekend. Since I want to spend as much time as I can sewing, and save as much money as I can for fabric purchases, I'm looking for fast, inexpensive eats that are very close to the hotel. Whatcha got?

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  1. I'm not down that way much, and when I am it is usually driving through so I don't stop to eat. Unfortunately, aside from the hotel, there isn't a whole lot in the area beyond fast food. But there is one place that I have heard about repeatedly - Wasabi Japanese restaurant is reported to have the best sushi in the area, and some say the best Asian, overall. It should be a bright spot for you that is pretty close by. It is in the Kendig Square shopping center.

    Good luck, and be sure to report back.

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      I am not necessarily looking for "good" in the Chowhound sense. I'm looking for "OK", edible, fast and inexpensive. I did see that there is a supermarket across the way, and there are mini fridges in the rooms -- maybe some cold cuts, mayo and bread are doable. I know that there is a ton of stuff up the road a bit, on the other side of Dutch Wonderland, but I don't know if I want to fight the traffic.

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        Well, I'm sure this won't be your first choice but theres a McDonalds across the street, at the entrance to the shopping center.,
        The Supermarket-Darrenkamps- is locally owned, and used to be pretty good, although I have not been there in a while . If you get cold cuts you might try the local specialty Lebanon bologna.
        Pizza place near McDonalds- House of Pizza- was always pretty mediocre-and this in an area not known for good Italian to start with
        Wasabi is quite good. Its about a five minute drive south in the Kendig Square Shopping Center.

    2. There is a mini-chain of sandwich/soup/etc restaurants in the area called Isaac's, . If you happen to come across one, that will meet your criteria for fast and inexpensive.

      1. ps. It appears Darrenkamps has a small café in the store
        Their weekly menu is posted-you might see if anything appeals to you for a quick meal.
        You want the Willow Valley location

        1. As it turns out, I was too busy sewing to get myself ramped up for anything other than the hotel eatery, which wasn't bad. People brought plenty of not-good-for-you snacks, which fit the bill for an instant sugar rush. I drove across the road to get coffee at McD's in the morning, and did manage a visit to Darrencamp's. The market was quite lovely, with a large variety of even more not-so-good-for-you baked goods, some of which were hauled back to the common snack table so I would not be traveling the road to calorie hell all by my lonesome.