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Apr 2, 2014 09:06 AM

Canton Palace - Somerville

A new cantonese restaurant has opened in downtown Somerville, and they have dim sum! Husband went yesterday and reported back that the dim sum was good (while not as good as Hong Kong, still, good enough so that we won't have to drive to Edison, NYC, etc.) and worth going back in the very near future. I'm hoping to personally try it some time in the next week or so (maybe for dinner).

For reference, for 2 people who ordered 8 items (har gow, lotus leaf wrapped sticky rice, beef ribs, etc.), the cost for their dim sum lunch was about $25.

Address of the restaurant is 216 Main St.

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  1. I went today with my mom and kid. We had American Chinese. The food was ok. A lot of Chinese restaurants blanch their broccoli in oil, really disappointing. Makes for a greasy meal. That was probably my mistake for ordering Chinese American. The waiter was smoking in front of the restaurant. We could smell his smoke while we were eating. The waitstaff was talking loudly in the dining room possibly conversing with the kitchen staff? I cannot attest for the dim sum. There were no carts going around and it was a weekday night so clearly a lack of volume.