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Apr 2, 2014 07:59 AM

Birthday Dinner-Allston

A friend of mine is having a milestone birthday later this month and we are doing a paint night at Boston Wine School, 1354 Comm Ave. Any suggestions on a nice place around there? Thanks!

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  1. You could go over to Washington Square in Brookline on Beacon Street and hit Ribelle or Fairstead Kitchen.

    Or you could go a little farther down to Coolidge Corner and go to Lineage.

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    1. re: Bugsey34

      Thanks for these suggestions, I forget that Washington Square really is not that far. That may throw Fireplace in the mix...

    2. I haven't been but the newly opened Glenville Stops is nearby

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      1. re: C. Hamster

        Not actually opened yet - according to their website, the "anticipated opening" is this coming weekend.

        Here's some more information:

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          TNX. I thought it opened last weekend

      2. Oh hey, I live right next door to Boston Wine School.

        Within walking distance:
        If you like Japanese izakaya food, Ittouku is a few steps away and is kind of fun.

        Deep Ellum is a quick walk away--just walk down Allston St to Brighton Ave.

        Shanghai Social Club is just across the street and is fun for a party.

        And you're literally right across the street from the B line.

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        1. Thanks for all of these suggestions! This gives me a good jumping off point..