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Apr 2, 2014 07:46 AM

Travel by train from Milan to Venice.

Mostly interested in overnight accommodations for two adults (3 nights) and good food to be found on train route. Looking at Padua and Peschiera del Garda or Verona. Traveling in early June. Thank you!

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  1. This is an under 3-hour train ride end to end. Are you saying that you are interesting in touring/visiting destinations in between for three days?

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      Yes, exactly. Flying from Boston to Milan on Wednesday, June 4th and need to be in Venice on Sunday or Monday June 8-9. We plan to take a train to Venice so proximity to train station or transportation available by car would be a plus.

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        so you could tour and eat in a number of worthwhile places including Milano, Bargamo, Brescia, Lago di Garda,Verona, Padova or Mantova. All are worth a visit foodwise and are manageable with public transportation only. You might want to start by put ting each of these names into the search box in the top right so you get a bit of the lay of the land, Chowhound recommendation-wise.

        Your trip takes you through different regions and zones with different cuisines, from a cosmopolitan city in lowland lombardy in Milan to a more rustic/mountain influenced fare in Bergamo Brescia, to the freshwater fish of the lakes and rivers and the inland and coastal cuisines of the Veneto - you may want to consider splitting your 3 days between two stops.

        Id say Pescheria di Garda would be good as a base for touring around the lake (including Sirmione, Salo, etc)- I believe there are a couple of well regarded restaurants there. I also believe it is low season in June on Lago di Garda.The lake fish are very nice.We also very much liked visits to Verona and Bergamo.