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Apr 2, 2014 07:28 AM

Gluten-Free Myrtle Beach

Travelling with a few families to Myrtle Beach this year, and one of the adults is celiac and vegetarian. 2 toddlers also in the group. Looking for family-friendly restaurants with gluten-free options. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Happy Cow is your friend, here you go:

    Ethiopian cuisine uses teff as a grain & many veg options, Thai cuisine has rice noodles and plenty of veg. Didn't check but Indian restaurants if you omit the bread & order rice are GF too. Though check dosas are made from rice/lentils and there is Indian bread made from corn.

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      Thanks! Had never seen that site before. Good resource to have.

      Definitely will do some Thai dinners and other ethnicities as you mention. Looking for great recos on specific restaurants if anyone has any.

    2. You might try the quirky Aftercare Café at 704 Seaboard Street. I am not sure about gluten free (might want to call them on that) but good vegetarian selection. I liked the goat cheese/beet sandwich. Also was happy with the Greek yogurt based potato salad. Goat cheese truffles in the bakery case are wonderful. We were so happy to find heart-healthy food near our hotel we went two days in a row.

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      1. Just wanted to bump this conversation back up. Still searching for more options. Some of the adults in our group are also pretty unadventurous. Chains (like Chili's, PF Changs, Olive Garden, etc.) would suit them, but I'm looking for something that takes the food up a notch. Thanks again!

        1. I've had pretty good luck using this website in different cities.

          They also have an app for use on your iOS or Android phone.