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Jun 3, 2003 01:16 PM


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Where can I find the best pizza in Montreal?

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  1. I have not made an exhaustive search, but here are my choices:

    1 - Amelio's at Milton/Ste-Famille

    2 - A butcher shop/café (believe it or not) near Jean Talon market. I forget the name: go to the southwestern corner of the market and head one short block south (Mozart St?). Fancy butcher shop/grocery with a little seating area near the front. They have really good pizza by the slice and would probably make you a whole one. Also rice balls and various other yummy stuff.

    3 - EuroDeli (St-Laurent/Prince Arthur), if it's fresh. If not, they warm it up in the microwave and thus spoil it, IMO.

    For reference, I am not at all impressed with the expensive little wafers they call pizza at places like Pizzadelic.

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    1. re: Matt

      Amelio's is definitely one of the best, but it is absolutely NOT "thin" crust pizza. It is very thick and cheesy, sort of "Chicago style."

      Prato on St. Laurent (just below Napoleon) makes an excellent thin crust pizza.

      Il Focolaio, on Phillips Square (Downtown) also makes a pretty good thin crust pizza.

      1. re: blork

        Quite right about the thin crust thing...I guess it's not my thing!


        1. re: Matt

          One of the best (and most affordable) italian restaurant in Montreal is called Rotisserie Italienne and can be found at the corner of Ste-Catherine and Towers (west of Guy street)

          1. re: Chris

            It's not as affordable as it used to be. The guys love to play golf and close now on Saturday and Sunday + the prices have risen. Green fees have gone up, so have their menu prices. But, luckily, the food is still great!

        2. re: blork

          Thanks for the Prato lead - it is excellent! My partner grew up in 1950's New Jersey loving the "tomato pie" of the Italian neighborhoods. She says she hasn't found such a great thin crust since. Me - I've never seen one to match it!

      2. m

        Best Pizza in town is at Pizzeria Napolitana. It is located about three blocks east of St. Laurent on Rue Dante in Little Italy. Bring your own wine and be prepared to wait outside on the sidewalk for a table. It is well worth the wait....the pizza is the best I've ever had.

        1. it's barry from foodfellas and the butchershop near the Jean talon Mkt is Jo & Basile ...fabulous pizza..let's keep this one a secret!