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Apr 2, 2014 05:06 AM

Bar Lucca vs. The Stone Rose (Conshy)

Any opinions between the two would be appreciated.

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  1. StoneRose is one word.

    Glad I could be of help.

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      Thanks PB. That's good enough for me.

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        Monsieur you are becoming a true wiseass, good work.
        Remember the Maroilles goes to Christine.

      2. I have been to both of Brian Pieri's restaurants. The StoneRose has a lovely bar area, main dining room, as well as outdoor tables in warmer weather. It also has a large, picture window that opens onto the street. Impressive wine list, great martinis (Pomegranate is my favorite) good food and a lovely hostess. Their specialty is Short Ribs & Mac & Cheese. Bar Lucca is also very nice and has outdoor tables in a fenced in patio area. Nice bar area and tables inside, as well as a main dining room. I had the Wild Boar Pasta when I was there, which was wonderful. Friends and I shared a plate of the Nutella Donuts, which were served warm, with gelato for dessert. Bar Lucca also has a custom-made brick oven for their specialty pizzas. You can't go wrong with either restaurant in my opinion.

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        1. Both are awesome, with different cuisines. The pizzas and pastas at Bar Lucca are very creative and delicious. Excellent drink menu as well.

          The Stone Rose Burger is outstanding as well and the menu is eclectic enough to keep an adventurous diner happy.

          Both places have bar setups that are a little tight. I'd give the edge to Bar Lucca. The noise level at both places is pretty high decibel, though Stone Rose dining room is a bit removed from the chaos at the bar.

          Either place, you'll get a very good meal.