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Old Town Alexandria Happy Hour

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Any recommendations for happy hour in Old Town Alexandria?

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  1. Columbia Firehouse is nice. Attractive barroom, variety of beer, wine and cocktails.

    Many of the restaurants in old town have bars with happy hour offerings but some are quite small so if you're got a group, consider that.

    1. Brabo has half-priced wines and snacks including mussels...

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            Perhaps a nice glass of wine or good local craft beer and a snack. Not really meat-oriented snacks. Otherwise, mostly interested in a nice atmosphere to relax a bit while wandering out and about Old Town.

          2. My husband raves about Flat Iron Steak and Saloon's happy hour with $5 appetizers. He liked the steak (filet mignon) tacos.

            1. You might like Virtue Feed and Grain near the base of King street for pub atmosphere and good food. Old warehouse space that has been redone. Large and busy but atmospheric with views.

              1. I havent been in over a year but I remember Southside 815 having one of the best happy hours in the city. I can remember gorging myself on well made sliders, nachos and oyster po boys (!) and drinks for less than $20. They had some less meat options as well just didnt go in that direction. Not sure if the same happy hour is in place now but its worth a call considering what a bargain it was. You do have to eat them in the bar though which can get a little tight during post work hours.

                1. Had a wonderful time in Alexandria! Thanks for all the help.

                  On the Thursday and Friday evenings we were there, we ended up at Virtue and Vermillion for happy hours. Vermillion is quite the bargain. $2.75 for Sierra Nevada pale ales, and $5 wines, cocktails and appetizers including the very tasty frickles (fried pickles).

                  First tried going to Brabo, but that didn't work out so well. The restaurant told us to go to the tasting room for happy hour and the tasting room told us to go to the restaurant. So we just left. No problem since we ended up at some great places with very pleasant service.