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Apr 2, 2014 03:53 AM

Good take-out food in central Vienna?

I'll be staying in the Innerstadt (just off Graben) for the weekend and will have a new baby in tow. For dinner the easiest is to get take-out and eat in the hotel, lunches out are not so much of an issue.

Any suggestions around St. Stephens cathedral for good quality, interesting, possibly Asian take-out?


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  1. Hello Vanderb,
    My first impulse would be to send you to Zum Schwarzen Kameel and to Meinl am Graben. Both have great take away food of any kind...

    There is also a new hi-end supermarket on Hoher Markt, the Merkur. Here Sohyi Kim is now providing their Asian fusion cuisine, and maybe you even like it !!

    For more authentic Vietnamese take away cuisine there is the Pho Saigon on Hegelgasse and - a short walking - the Viet Thao on Friedrichstrasse.

    And here is a list of restaurants with facilities for children: children menues, playgrounds, or - in your case - a diaper changing table.

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    1. re: Sturmi

      Sturmi thanks for the help, I should have remembered Meinl am Graben would have great take away (D'oh). I think we will also take a trip to the Merkur you mention.

      I wasn't aware Zum Schwarzen Kameel would do take away, I will give this a go if we decide to veer away from Asian food.

      I appreciate the list of children friendly restaurants too, we'll keep this for future visits as the little one gets bigger.

      1. re: vanderb

        Zum Schwarzen Kameel has several departments: a bar, a delicatessen, a pastry shop and a restaurant. What I suggest is to get either canapés at the bar or some selected cheeses, cured meats, sausages or ham from their delicatessen …

        And there is more: I forgot about Trzesnewski for more canapés, and how about a decent pizza ?

        Gennaro in Bräunerstrasse is quite close to you hotel and has great crusty pizza, but no homepage:

        1. re: Sturmi

          Thanks again, turned out our hotel was right next door to Trzesnewski (booked on so didn't know the name/address of the hotel till I hit "purchase" on their website).

          We quite liked the new Merkur on Hoher Markt although we arrived just as they were getting ready to close so some of the departments were shutting down.

          Akikiko was not too far from the hotel so we tried their takeaway dumplings (strangely called dim-sum) and 3 of their maki sushi rolls. No complaints, pretty good flavour and fast friendly service.