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Casual Dinner in Newton Lower Falls

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I'll be in Newton Lower Falls for an appointment late in the day and will want to stay down there for dinner to let the traffic thin out before heading north.

I'm not at all familiar with that area - can I get a couple of recs for casual places for dinner, middle-of-the-road prices? We're omnivores.


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    1. re: Science Chick

      The Biltmore and Dunn - Gaherin's are in Upper Falls, OP requested Lower Falls.

      1. re: Ruprecht

        No need to take me quite so literally. Anywhere within a 10-15 minute drive from there would work.

        1. re: Valyn

          Actually, there is a need to take you that literally if the reason you say you are asking was to avoid traffic. At that time of day, ALL routes from Newton Lower Falls are clogged with traffic. Your best best for reasonably-priced is one of those options mentioned here- both of which have been complimented on this board before.

          Ah- I screwed up the Upper/Lower too. But the traffic comment still stands. At that hour nothing moves well! West Newton is closest, so yeah, the Local, Paddy-Os, etc.

          1. re: Scruffy The Cat

            Yes, I always get them confused, sorry!

            But to get to upper falls you just shoot up Beacon into Waban and cut over to Chestnut Street on Woodward...then down Chestnut to the Biltmore. That is a 5-10 minute drive tops and not much traffic at all, even in rush hour.

          2. re: Valyn

            I thought people were probably confusing the two neighorhoods, which is understandably easy to do. They are in fact about 3 miles apart, and if you are interested in that kind of radius, all of Newton and some of several surrounding towns are fair game and you will probably get a bunch more good recommendations.

      2. Second on Biltmore. Also consider Dunn - Gaherin's.

        1. C.K. Shanghai, on Route 16 in Wellesley (adjacent to Newton Lower Falls), is a white-tablecloth Chinese restaurant with interesting Shanghaiese cuisine. The owner moved out to the suburbs from Chinatown, where he had been the chef at New Shanghai.

          1. I vote for Dunn-Gaherin's. Try the eggplant fries.

            1. Biltmore quality has steadily declined. Recently tried and quite enjoyed Cook, which is about 15 minutes away.

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              1. re: Mr Bigglesworth

                Last couple of times I was at the Biltmore over the past year it was quite good.

              2. Further up Rte. 16 are The Local, Cook and the new Social.

                1. Thanks to all for the recs! We went to Cook in Newton. It was a fairly painless drive, took us about 10 minutes (better than getting on 128 North at that time!).

                  It was good - a beautiful room and an interesting menu. We sat at the bar and ordered drinks and some of their spicy sweet peanuts. The bartender completely forgot about the peanuts and was not behind the bar very much. We ordered a flatbread (yummy) and the lamb wrap (not great - the meat was flavorless and could have been beef). A second bartender showed up and paid even less attention to us (and the bar isn't that big). To get a second glass of wine, we had to wave our arms to get served.

                  All that being said, we liked the vibe of the place and will give it another try sometime.

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                  1. re: Valyn

                    Thanks for the review. I live only a few blocks from Cook but I have not gone yet because of the comments on the service. I have teenagers so I can get bad attitude at home for free.

                    1. re: Scruffy The Cat

                      I've only been twice for brunch (not for a couple of months) and service was very good at that time of day. The food (burgers, different kinds of benedict, pancakes with apple compote) was also very good with the exception of the smoked tomato hollandaise, which desperately needed some acid or something to make it pop. My husband and I will head back for dinner burgers some time and report back.