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Apr 2, 2014 02:59 AM

ISO Thai tea powder north jersey (bergen)

I'm looking for the red thai tea powder that's used to make iced tea and I'm 0/3 after checking fairway, whole foods, and the king flung marketplace in river edge . I'm thinking there's got to be a place that sells this stuff, but I'm outta suggestions ...

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  1. Call chef central in Paramus...if they don't carry it, they might know who does.
    I'm also wondering if Mitsuwa or Kam-Man would have it. Another thought is to ask at your favorite Thai restaurant!

    1. Try Terri Lee Asian Grocery.
      They have more Viet and Thai products compared to other Asian markets.

      225 Maywood Ave. Maywood, NJ

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      1. re: Christizz

        thanks Crist!!! totally forgot about that place ---i think it's the only non-phil. SE asian mkt. in the area

      2. does anyone know if this place is open on mondays…checked yelp and someone said the prepared food section was not but i'm wondering about the grocery store part

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        1. re: sixelagogo

          Yes they are closed on Mondays. I believe they open at 10am Tues-Sat

          1. re: Christizz

            thanks!! you saved me from a fruitless search this afternoon! Will check it out another day.