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Apr 2, 2014 12:34 AM

Padova / Padua , please review or add to my restaurant list

Hello all, we will spend to days in Padova ( Padua ) next week, and are looking for places to lunch. Not 'starred', not on a budget. When eating out we like to have local/classic food one day, perhaps a more modern twist the other - and always a good wine list.

Can anybody comment on the lists below or add to them?
...and, what are 'folpi'/'folpari'?
Thank you!

I checked Chowhound, and discarding a not so good review and a non Italian place, came up with only these two (maybe my search wasnt good?) which were mentioned only once:
- Trattoria al Prato (bit on a touristy spot, but does that matter?)
- Ristorante Parpaiola Giovanni (local feel?)

Gambero Rosso has this list (cannot find much on them):
- La Plaka, which seems to be Greek, which I will leave for a time in Greece
- Ai Navigli (menu looks quite nice - anybody been there?)
- Gino's (seems to be a BBQ place? we'll skip this)
- Al Cicheto (picture on their site shows seafood and very very simple steak)
- Sant'Agnese (seems to be more upmarket seafood? - anybody been there?)
- La Finestra (seems to have an ok menu and interesting wine list - anybody been there?)
- Osteria del Capo (seems to be the most local?)

Slowfood 2013 has this list (I cannot find a lot of info on those):
- Nereo Andreazzi
- L'anfora (more of a wine bar?)
- Banco della Regina
- Folperia (seems to be streetfood with snails and shellfish, :-)
- Zancope


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  1. Willem, we rented an apt in Padua last year for 2 weeks. Our landlady, a native Padovani, informed me that Padua really doesn't have much of a dining scene, compared to other Italian cities. Re: your list. We ate at Osteria del Capo, food was average, service horrible. I took my husband to La Finestra for his birthday. Food was good,not great. Best dish was a snail antipasto. Service was fantastic, though. We were made to feel very welcome and were well cared for. We did love L'anfora for its atmosphere. Very local and authentic. We stopped in several evenings for apertivo and there was always a lively crowd. Since we had an apartment, we did alot of our own cooking. The mercato is fantastic...and if you were able to do any cooking I highly recommend the Canton Maccelleria in Via "Sotto il Salone" His polpettini were delicious.

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      I had a lovely lunch at L'anfora about 2 years ago. Like Julia, above, I loved the scene. We had to take a walk and come back for a table because they were full when we arrived.

      1. re: jangita

        Thank you for your responses! In the evenings we plan to cook at home, so we'll try the polpettini!

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        Agree osteria del capo food average. L'anfora was active bar type of atmosphere with food-more of a local hangout type of place than a destination type of restaurant.

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          L'Anfora, does some traditional dishes from the Veneto, many times they are not on the weekly menu, you may want to ask about the special of the day. This place is truly unique with the lunch crowd at the end of the bar getting into very involved discussions about food, local wine, etc. There are many regulars who show up at the bar for lunch every work day. A very entertaining and authentic "casalinga" type of cooking.

      3. You are in for a real treat in Padova, the market scene is only surpassed by that in Bologna.
        As for lunch places, Our favorite, by far is is L'Anfora, we eat there several times a week, excellent local recipes and very well prepared, it is Padova"s version of "Cheers" only more authentic, it is one of the oldest osterie in continuous operation in Padova.
        Dal Capo is another excellent choice, a little less casual than L'Anfora but very good food.
        "Un Folpo" is local dialect for Pulpo, (octopus), and La Folperia is the most happening outdoor stand in the Piazza della Frutta side of the market, Usually opens about 12:00 noon and stays open late. You get their excellent small plates and about 6 steps away is the corner "Bar Ossei" that sells wines by the glass to accompany your selections from Folperia. San't Agnese is prehaps one of the best seafood dinners we have had, it is small, with impeccable service and expensive, we celebrated our last 2 wedding anniversaries there. Highly reccommended for a special lunch or dinner.
        Another newer place is Ristorante Boscia Billi Bistrot just off Piazza della frutta, it is very well thought out in decor and food preparation. we have found it interesting, very tasty and frequented by a young hip crowd.

        Hope this helps!!

        1. 2015 early August Recommendations Sought for Padua/Padova

          Would greatly appreciate a few restaurants that have outstanding food balanced by unpretentious environment or at least not outrageous price

          Didn't love Osteria Del Capo previously

          L'anfora service was friendly but not focused for diverse family requests

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            At L'Anfora one will soon learn that one does it the L'Anfora way. Alfredo and Georgio are very proud of the true traditional " Cibo del Venato"

            For a truly fabulous fine dining experience in the best of local seafood "Sant' Agnese" is beyond having any competition.