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Apr 1, 2014 08:51 PM

CSA 2014

Any new thoughts or updates on this thread from last year?

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  1. This will be our 4th year of doing Salad Days via Webster farms organic. We have been very happy with this CSA, partially because they cater to smaller families, and they try as best as the fields permit to put food in the (reusable and exchange every pick up day) bag that relates to other items. Some weeks the bag has an asian greens tilt, others just here are cucumbers and tomatoes: EAT!

    For us, the pick up is convenient enough, and they portion for what 2-3 people could use in a week. Which is my family! And return member pricing is great too!

    1. I've signed up for a half-share of Bossy Acres this year. They have several optional add ones from honey, mushrooms, etc. I get the impression they have the widest variety of veggies, and the widest variety within a given category, like tomatoes. This is my first year having a CSA, even though I garden extensively, I wanted to directly support a local farm.

      A lot of the bigger CSA's will already be sold out, if you find something soon, grab it.

      1. We're Hog's Back Farm members, returning for our second year. I don't know if there are still shares open, but if there are, run and sign up NOW. It's that good.

        In addition to insanely great produce, the newsletter and recipes are terrific.

        Couldn't more highly recommend it!

        1. The original comment has been removed