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Apr 1, 2014 08:01 PM

Older vintage wine/cork question


In the midst of a great (although quite wet) visit
to Napa Valley and had the opportunity to taste and purchase an older (1998) Cabernet. Noticed afterwards that the cork appears to be sliding (for lack of a better word) down the neck of the bottle. Is this cause for concern? Haven't had a wine with this much age on it before and wanted to be sure.

Thanks! - Joe

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  1. That looks like a bit of tartaric acid. It does not appear to be the cork. Nothing to worry about. The only thing that I have found extremely useful is the 2 prong corkscrew. It will not break those old corks that tend to get soft. 1998 is not that long ago. All should be good.

    Enjoy, and report.

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    1. Looks like tartrate crystals to me too. Pour it through a filter (a coffee filter will do, if you don't have a mesh one) or decant it long enough to let any loose crystals settle. Enjoy!