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Apr 1, 2014 06:49 PM

Good Pizza Place That Delivers Near Town & Country/ Memorial Area

I have to find a quality pizza place that delivers near Town & Country. The event is for 200-250 people. This event will have a large
European crowd- mostly Flemish, Dutch, French, - so I can't just order Papa Johns or other generic chain pizzas. I would appreciate any suggestions.

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  1. Russo's Coal Fired Pizza or New York Pizzeria are franchises much better than chains, both from the same company. Fewer toppings are better at the coal fired location.

    1. You might be outside of the delivery area for some of these, but it looks like it would be worth their while and they are close. Besides James' suggestions, I like Napoli on Memorial for delivery. Pronto Cucinino at T&C center makes good pizza and maybe could make you a deal. It is usually sold by the square piece, they make them in very large square pans, only three or four options I believe. Pizaro's is nearby and acclaimed, but doesn't hold up to travel at all.

      1. Maybe Brothers @hwy6 and I-10. It's a well like local chain.

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            When I worked in the energy corridor, I used Brothers for big meetings with a couple of hundred guys. They can handle a big order if you plan ahead. They were always on time and the order was correct. Not fancy pizza, but consistent NY style. And I like that they are a family-owned place.

            1. My two go-to places in that area are Reginelli's (12389 Kingsride Ln, Houston, TX 77024 ph:(713) 468-2727 and Fuzzy's (the original location) Both deliver in the T&C area.

              1. Thank you all for your helpful suggestions. I'll look into all the places everyone recommended.