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Apr 1, 2014 06:48 PM

Smitten Ice Cream Oakland Rockridge location opened Tues 4/1/14

Read that Smitten Ice Cream Oakland Rockridge location is now open Tues 4/1/14. 6 new machines means 6 flavors, indoors, and has seasonal flavor rhubarb crisp.

Smitten Ice Cream
5800 College Ave, Oakland
just North of Rockridge Bart
Open Daily:
Sun-Th 12pm-10pm; Fri & Sat 11am-10:30pm, maybe later in the future

Lafayette store coming later this Spring

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  1. Block away...I will give it a try!

    1. Oh, this takes the place of the bakery across the street from Trader Joe's.

      30 minute wait at about 9pm yesterday. They were out of cones and out of two flavors, but that meant they still have 4 flavors left, woot!

      I enjoyed the tart Rhubarb crisp. It's thicker and not as silky as anything I've previously had at Smitten. The cinnamon shortbread has their typical smoothness and was also great.

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      1. re: hyperbowler

        Ha! We were at Trader Joe's and were wondering who was standing in line on such a cold evening to get ice cream. Now we know :) ... will try it on a warmer day.

        1. re: Torina

          LOL-- the grass is sometimes greener--- we joked about cutting our losses and grabbing Trader Joe's ice cream. FYI, we were one person away from the doorway when we started the 30 minute wait. As we waited, the line went all the way back to the curb.

          1. re: hyperbowler

            no line or customers when I walked by around 2:00 today.

            Sun was out and shinning

      2. We went today at around 1:30 -- there was a short wait, but not bad at all for a hot day. We had the balsamic strawberry, TCHO chocolate and salted caramel. I agree that the texture is amazing -- super smooth and creamy. The strawberry (the current seasonal selection) is nice, but not mind blowing; same with the caramel. But the chocolate was the best chocolate ice cream I think I have ever tried - dark, rich with a hint of salt. But I hate chocolate ice cream and avoid it like the plague, so take that endorsement with a grain of a salt.

        1. Were one to write a caricature of foodie culture, Smitten Ice Cream might be broadly featured. In my 'hood, so felt like I should give it a go.

          Vanilla over-sweet, reminiscent of the Hoodsies of my childhood (for you ex-New Englanders on the Bay Area Board). Toasted walnuts were barely toasted (none of the depth/smokiness that comes with even a medium toast). The prices were nuts :). The theatre, absurd.

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          1. re: sundeck sue

            Prices are indeed for one-percenter crowd, or at least for those with too much money.

            1. re: BoneAppetite

              There was a young (early twenties) couple ahead of me in line, who got one cup and one cone of ice cream with some toppings and two drinks. Their total: $23.

            2. re: sundeck sue

              Ha! I forgot to mention that in my post -- the prices are insane.

            3. Tried it a couple weeks ago. I'd never gotten around to the SF location so it was all new to me. Got mint chip. Good flavor but the much-hyped texture was a big meh for me. I guess I'm old (skool); if I'm eating ice cream I want that fatty creamy feeling in my mouth, not this weirdly light thing. Science theater ambiance not my cup of tea either. There's too much good ice cream around for me to bother with this again.