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Apr 1, 2014 06:33 PM

Mammoth - Finally a Great Meal

Finally had a great dinner in Mammoth - at CJ's Grill. It is an unassuming, comfortable restaurant with really good food. I kept saying during the meal "I wish we had a place like this in L A". I am sure we do but I haven't found it. The general manager/waitress seated us and waited on our table. She was lovely. Very friendly but not at all intrusive. Her husband and co-owner is the chef. He brought our dishes to the table which was quite nice. The food is super fresh and they make their own dressings, bread etc. Their homemade Chicken Florentine soup was delicious. I had a large salad that had perfectly seasoned meat on top and crispy fries - much better than croutons. Their homemade cinnamon ice cream was amazing. The burgers are fantastic. I have a feeling that everything on the menu is delicious. We almost went back the second night. Instead we went to Campo. It was fine but nothing special. We will make CJ's an annual stop when we visit Mammoth.

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