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Apr 1, 2014 06:10 PM

Meyer Lemons

There were some meyer lemons at my local market today (love them!) so I picked up a few to make cocktails. Made a nice, classic Sidecar.

Anyone else like using meyers in their cocktails?

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  1. You will probably find that you have to adjust recipes to use Meyer lemons, since they aren't as tart as regular lemons.

    You might try some recipes that call for white grapefruit, which would be more in keeping with the acidity of a Meyer lemon. (Note pink/ruby grapefruit is much sweeter than what a recipe that calls for white grapefruit intends.)


    1. We use them in season. As EvergreenDan said they are not as tart, You need to adjust your sweet components to get the balance right.

      1. I actually have a dwarf Meyer lemon tree in my office that throws off usable fruit on and off all year. Right now it is in HEAVY flowering. You can see some small lemons near the window in the pic.

        When you use Meyer lemons, most of the flavor is in the skin so I always microplane the zest into my cocktails, though you can also just muddle the daylights out of them.