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Apr 1, 2014 06:00 PM

Dinner recommendations

I will be in Chicago on business and am looking for dinners that are good for solo dining. I am staying at ACME hotel and would prefer eating close by, but am willing to cab if necessary.
In the past, I have enjoyed meals at Publican, Girl and the Goat, Sable, and GT Fish & Oyster. I am a pescatarian (no meat, fish is OK).
I was thinking about returning to Sable and GT since they would be good for eating alone, but am looking for 2 more places for dinner. Nothing too expensive, similar price ranges as the restaurants mentioned above.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Off the top of my head: Purple Pig (despite the name, pescatarian-friendly), Nico Osteria, Siena Tavern, Slurping Turtle, La Sirena Clandestina, Embeya, Avec. If you enjoy cocktails, don't miss the Berkshire Room, located in your hotel.

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      All of GW's suggestions are excellent. Also consider Sumi Robata Bar (702 N Wells) - tasty pescatarian options and nice atmosphere around the Robata grill.

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        Avoid Purple Pig and Avec. Neither one accepts reservations, and waits to be seated anywhere around dinner hours are frequently over two hours at Purple Pig, 90 minutes at Avec. Also, although Purple Pig has a few fish/seafood items, there aren't many, and I would never describe it as "pescatarian-friendly"; it is a very meat-centric menu.

      2. I had a great meal at the bar of Baffo at Eataly just recently, not but a 2 minute walk from your hotel. Perfect for solo dining, as I found the barman engaging and the menu is absolutely pescetarian friendly.

        I also cannot recommend The Berkshire Room enough, either.

        1. Thanks so much. These are all really great suggestions!

          1. You might want to add Piccolo Sogno Due to your list:

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              I also enjoyed The Dawson which has two bars great for eating and drinking. Bar staff are excellent, had some great whiskey cocktails and a few nice dishes. Its a 10 minute cab from hotel.

              For more of an adventure, Uber down to Dusek's. Had dinner here last month and really liked it, though its a bit far. Great beer selections and really nice food -- enjoyed mussels, charcuterie, and a couple other things, had a few beers ;-)

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                >> You might want to add Piccolo Sogno Due to your list

                Excellent suggestion!