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Apr 1, 2014 04:52 PM

discounted baked goods later in the day?

have seen a couple places around town, mostly coffeeshops and bakeries, that will discount unsold baked goods later in the day (usually after 3pm or so) that they'd otherwise throw away, but i'm blanking out on them now, and was hoping to remember some of them as i just started a new job in the financial district and was hoping to find an outlet for late afternoon snacking desires.

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  1. Great idea for a post!

    Bi-Rite 1/2 off of Starter Bakery Kouign Amanns after 5pm :

    An older thread:

    1. Focaccia Market and Bakery -- two (or three?) locations in the FiDi. Two-for-one (not half price) cookies, pastries, etc. after 2 p.m. They go fast, though!

      1. Doesn't entirely fit the thread title, but Specialty's sells day old pastries the next day for half price.

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          Village Bakery in Sebastopol also discounts day-old breads and pastries... check at the end of the day for that day's discounted items, too.