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Apr 1, 2014 04:32 PM

Suggestions for vegan food in between Toronto and Ottawa

I'll be travelling via car from Toronto to Ottawa for a day trip on Saturday and would welcome any suggestions for where to find good vegan food along the way. I'll be looking to reach Ottawa around lunch time. I don't want a vegan specific restaurant but would prefer to hear about any fav dishes or snacks or baked goods people have discovered along the way or in Ottawa. Thanks!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I have never been but want to try The Table.

      1. There are two vegetarian restaurants in Ottawa: The Table and Green Door. Both are very good and I'm pretty sure I've seen vegan dishes available. Full tummy already gave you a link to The Table's website so I will give you the link to Green Door as well:

        You can also try Zen Kitchen on Somerset Street since they specialize in vegan food. More info is on their website:

        Further down Somerset is Simply Raw Express which serves raw vegan food:

        If you are in the Byward Market area you could also try Market Organics. It's actually a health food store but they have a lunch counter running along one side of the store when you enter and there is a seating area there. I've eaten lunch there and the food is very good. All made from scratch and always a few vegan items on the menu.

        Also pretty well every Indian restaurant in Ottawa has vegan dishes. I would recommend Shafali - they have a sit down restaurant on Dalhousie and a fast food type place in the Byward Market Square. Here is their website: And for the Byward Market Square:

        Good luck with your lunch.

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          The Table I posted about is in Oshawa, I think.

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            Full tummy: Thanks! I should have clicked on the link first-;)

            xiolablue if you would like to see the menu for The Table in Ottawa here it is:

        2. are you talking about on the road to ottawa? what route are you taking? i would suggest you make a stop in prince edward county along the way for some of the wineries. the tall poppy cafe and the merrill inn restaurant have vegan options. kingston has a fair few vegan options as well but can't comment on the quality.

          1. Toronto to Ottawa in one day? And you're stopping on the way? Anyway, good luck and stop at Pan Chancho in Kingston.