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Apr 1, 2014 03:06 PM

Taking my mother to dinner

I'm in town next weekend visitng my mother who lives out in Katy. She moved out there about two years ago. She used to live closer in, and she usually requests when I come down for a "fun night out" in town.

My little problem is that she can be a bit difficult. No shellfish or restaurants that mostly have seafood. No restaurants that make you eat family style or have limited menus or tasting menus. She likes variety, some innovation (but not too much) and meat (beef, pork, lamb etc). She doesn't really love steakhouses where they just put a big piece of meat on your plate. One of her favorites in the old days was The Beef and Bird, if that helps any.

We don't mind paying for something good, and we don't mind places where you need to dress up. Actually she really likes that. I took her to Tony's a couple of times in the past.

Any thoughts? She wanted to try someplace new and left it up to me to chose.


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  1. Mark's sounds like someplace she would enjoy. It's a dress up place.

    The Beef and Bird owner still operates Bistro Le Cep down the road from the old B&B (which btw is a funeral home now). It is a French menu with the occasional Austrian/Swiss overtones, like a spaetzle side. Good food, smallish room and more casual dining, but still refined. They used to have a Friday night fixed menu, so call ahead and check.

    1. I have not been there in a year but Alexander the Great has a very large variety and has entertainment on the weekends.

      1. My father enjoys Rudy Lechners, although it's not a new place, and you may have already taken her there.

        1. My father enjoys Rudy Lechners, although it's not a new place, and you may have already taken her there.

          1. Hugo's. I love their authentic Mexican which is still very approachable


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              Boy, I'm with you. Love Hugo's. Especially Sunday brunch, with such an interesting variety of delicious choices, and live music. Can't be beat, in my view, and I never tire of it.

              And, simply_victoria, I am probably about yo' mama's age and I, too, have recently moved to Katy.

              I'd love to know what restaurants in Katy she likes. Maybe I should keep an eye out for her!