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Apr 1, 2014 02:08 PM

Innovative in Dallas--April 5-7

Coming to Dallas for the Final Four and need restaurant recommendations for lunch Saturday, dinner/late night drinks Sunday, lunch Monday.
We're from Austin so not that interested in tacos or BBQ unless it's beyond belief.
We like Qui in Austin, enjoyed the pazzaz of Beauty and Essex in NYC, Nomad in NYC, love Swift's Attic in Austin for context.
Would like something fun with a scene but good food is most important--price not a huge factor.

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  1. I haven't been to any of the restaurants you metioned, so I might be missing your mark... but for dinners FT33, Lucia, Casa Rubia would be the obvious choices. Belly & Trumpet, maybe. Tei An can be pretty cool if you like omakase, but it's not generally "innovative" in the sense of Uchi or Uchiko. Of the places I mentioned, Casa Rubia and Tei An are open Sunday - the rest are closed.

    1. I tried to go to Swift's Attic ... closed on Sunday night.

      I was going to recommend Belly & Trumpet.

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      1. re: foiegras

        Second Belly & Trumpet.

        The OP might also enjoy the gastro pub,
        Meddlesome Moth.

          1. re: twinwillow

            Wow, poutine with foie gras. That butcher isn't just blind, he's crazy. I'll have to check it out ...

            1. re: foiegras

              I got a pretty negative report on the BB poutine, from a Canadian transplant. They felt that:
              1) the fries were poorly executed (not crispy)
              2) there was insufficient gravy
              3) the foie gras added very little to the flavor, given the pretty substantial increase in price.

              I, myself, haven't been yet.

              1. re: gavlist

                To second Gavlist, I had the poutine at BB and was not impressed. I'm not an expert on poutine but had it once in MN which was way better. To your friends point, the fries sucked, curds didn't squeak, and the duck wasn't great. The only thing I disagree with is I think $10 to add foie is not an unreasonable upcharge.

                All in all, I would like BB if it weren't so trendy, crowded, and a hassle to get in and out of. If it were a half filled bar with elevated bar food, it would be great. For the struggle to eat there, the food is not nearly good enough.

                1. re: demigodh

                  I don't think $10 for foie gras is an unreasonable upcharge... as long as it contributes favorably to the dish. Your feeling was that it worked well, and enhanced the dish by 2x?

                  1. re: gavlist

                    I actually didn't get it because I didn't think foie would be a worthwhile addition. We're probably saying the same thing... it's not worth the $10 upcharge to add foie gras to the poutine. I just wouldn't expect it to cost any less.

                2. re: gavlist

                  Regarding Blind Butcher, I'm hearing it's better for drinking than for eating.