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Apr 1, 2014 02:08 PM

decent brunch around 55th street 5 and 6 av. - possible on workday

we are looking for a good to impressive breakfast/brunch place near our hotel (55th st 5/6 av.)

i was looking at Norma's at le Meridiane but a) their booking is offline + b) not many good references on Chowhound so i concluded is better to ask...

we would prefer a place where they take bookings (would like to avoid waiting in lines), is brunch mainly available on weekend or one can find it monday/tuesday?

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  1. You can find weekday breakfast, you might have to go a little further than right by your hotel. Sarabeth's has a Central Park South location. Nougatine at Jean Georges also might work. Or Landmarc at the Time Warner Center. Petrossian.

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    1. re: kathryn

      kathryn, you are a foodie good fairy...

      thanks for the answers (this one and all previous)...

      a mile or so walk would not be a problem regarding breafast,
      what is your opinion on Norma's, is ti really overpriced as some members claim? Watching a clip on one of the cooking channels i got impression it was "the" breakfast place of NY/the universe?

      1. re: MIross

        The food wasn't that good when I've gone, what really irked me was the wait (despite having a reservation), the price, and bad coffee.

        To me the real "breakfast centers" of NYC would be Shopsin's, The Breslin, Clinton St Baking Co, Minetta Tavern...

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          Its way over rated. And at $9 for orange juice, and $22 for eggs and bacon that's expensive even for nyc.....

      2. Pershing Square has the best pancakes and corn beef hash in Midtown. It's next to Grand Central - about a 10-15 min walk from your hotel. Think they serve breakfast/brunch everyday, but you can check.

        Bar Américain on W 52nd is also great, but it will be more of a "lunch" than "brunch" during the week - although, it does open at 11:45...

        If you want a place that midtown workers would go - try Little Collins on Lex between 55th & 56th. It's an Aussie coffee shop with some of the best coffee in midtown and a small menu of delicious breakfast/lunch dishes.

        I would NOT go to Norma's or Sarabeth's. Both are famous but mediocre in terms of food quality IMO.

        Agree on Petrossian and Landmark, or even Bouchon Bakery in the Time Warner Center. Again, I don't know if the have brunch classics (you'll have to take a look at the menu), but the pastries and coffee are great.

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        1. re: monab

          Agreed to skip sarabeth's - that place is for uninformed tourists. I didn't know Norma's was still open - avoid it if it is. FWIW, I find Landmarc to be an average at best restaurant inside a shopping mall - zero NY feel.

          I work in midtown - if we need to have a fancy breakfast with a client we go to the Four Seasons Hotel on 57th.

          Nice breakfast is difficult in midtown. If you are into celebrity watching and not food go to Michael's, otherwise for high end breakfast stick to the nicer hotels...However, If you have the time just get out of midtown...

          1. re: monab

            I LOVE Little Collins Olive Oil Cake.

          2. Nougatine's breakfast is outstanding, but I don't recall how extensive the menu is. I'm sure it's available on line.