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Apr 1, 2014 01:52 PM

Prague - anything chow-worthy near the National Museum?

Just got in tonight and a Chow-friend's son highly recommended the Slav Epic at the National Gallery. First of all, I see the 'National Museum" but not the "National Gallery so unsure if they're the same. But I'm sure I can get the hotel to help with that. But once I pin it down, is there anyplace that y'all especially like. Thanks, all.

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  1. It´s culinary hell there. If you go a few blocks on Veletrzni street almost towards the train station Holesovice, there is a small family steakhouse called Stejkarna. Closest to the National Gallery building, just on the corner at Dukelskych hrdinu street, there is a new frenchise pub style place with decent beer and relativelly eatable food called Potrefena Husa.

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      Ahhhhhhhhh :) Sounds like we'd be advised to hit the exhibit and then GO A WAY :) This is JUST one of many thing I love about CH. Thanks, sasicka.