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Bagelsaurus: How Early is Early?

Having fallen in love with Cutty's...and already being a fan of a good Montreal-style bagel...I'm curious what time one really has to get to Bagelsaurus to get your hands on a bagel?

Any recs on what the 'must have' order is? The pimento cheese is tempting me....

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  1. I was there at 9:20-ish this past Saturday morning and we had no problem getting our bagels....FWIW.

    Haven't tried the pimento cheese yet. The salt bagel was quite good. Wish they had chive or garlic/herb-type cream cheese (went with plain given the options).

    1. Oh, and my significant other, who is a "salmon person," said that the lox bagel was excellent.

      1. I've been okay getting bagels before 10 AM, but they do start to sell out of specific varieties, and the line gets long. My tip - call ahead, place your order, and head directly to the "Take-out" register on the right. No line.

        I've tried the lox on an everything bagel, which is an amazing sandwich - the fried capers are an excellent addition. I've also gotten the eggs with chard and red-eye mayo on a salt bagel, which while really packing a lot of flavor, was a little too intense for me to eat the whole thing, but delicious nonetheless. And finally, I've had the pretzel bagel with honey rosemary cream cheese, and that might have been the best of all.

        1. I think these bagels are a bit different than Montreal style. The pretzel bagel is amazing. That was my favorite by far. I need to get back over there to get another one!

          1. My son went to Cutty's for lunch yesterday and spoke with Mary, who makes the bagels. She said they have upped production and the bagels should now be available later into the day.

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                We are planning on going this Saturday and are very interested in making sure we can get everything bagels with lox. In a perfect, bagel-first world, we would just come early, but we have a six month old who morning-naps. Considering her napping needs, we would ideally love to show up at 10:30, get take out, and take our bagels elsewhere to picnic. I see the tip of ordering ahead, so assuming we do that at 10:00 or so, what is our likelihood of successfully getting our specific order? Have they been running out since they upped production? Should we try to rearrange our napping timeline in order to arrive earlier?

                Thanks in advance!

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                  From the Bagelsaurus twitter feed, looks all the bagels were gone at 11:45 this Saturday. But it may have been a light weekend with rain + people away for July 4th. I think if you call at 10 you have a pretty good shot but not a guarantee. I'm a year or so past the morning nap schedule so my issue is trying to make it an hour past my toddler's regular breakfast time until 8am -- though at least I don't have to worry about the bagels being gone by then. Good luck!

            1. Just a report back. Made it to Cutty's on Saturday (was there at 8:15am-- so obviously we had the pick of inventory :) Got a pretzel bagel with pimento cheese and it did not disappoint! My hubby got the egg sandwich on everything with the red eye mayo....and immediately had order envy as every customer after us skipped the bagel and went for brioche. That said, he loved his sandwich and said it was one of the best breakfast sammies he's had. If only we could have justified ordering the roast beef sandwiches for breakfast...

              1. Had half a dozen of these last Friday. We bought them at 8am. They only sell in half dozens, which is a huge inconvenience. I thought the chew and crust were great, but they were nowhere near dense enough. My favorite in the area are still Katz's.

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                  I wonder if they changed their policy because I was there about a month ago and bought just two bagels with no problem.

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                    I was baffled by this statement as well. Last I knew their policy was actually that you could buy NO MORE THAN half a dozen.

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                      Sorry, I was unclear - the policy is that you can buy no more than half a dozen. I was clearly irked by this.

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                        Seems like a policy aimed at allowing the most customers to try them, as opposed to making them accessible as a brunch/potluck idea? given the lines, I could see why they'd set a limit (which is not to say i don't understand why it's annoying if you wanted to get more).

                        Though it's an interesting question of how many people buying them are just looking to grab a bagel vs. would want to buy a bunch to take home...