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Apr 1, 2014 01:08 PM

Birthday dinner: Sunday evening in London. Recs please?

Arriving on Saturday, leaving on Monday, and my husband's birthday is on the Sunday. We'll be dining at NOPI on Saturday but Sunday seems to be a vast wasteland in terms of interesting places open past early afternoon.

I know that J. Sheekey is open, as is Rules, but I'm looking for something a bit less predictable. And we're staying near Soho so not really interested in long journeys across town.


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  1. We will also be in London on a Sunday in May-we're going to Dishoom in Shoreditch, but there is also a branch in Soho. Great small plates and not as pricey as some of the other Indian places. In Soho, we also love Koya for Udon noodles and tapas bar eating at Barrafina. They are both open on Sunday.

    1. Thanks, looks good, but neither Dishoom nor Barrafina take reservations; not ideal for a birthday celebration with only 2 days in London.

      1. It would be an easy walk to the Central Line at Oxford Circus and five minutes west to Marble Arch. Locanda Locatelli would make for an elegant (but not too fussy) dinner with marvelous Italian food. They are open Sunday night.

        1. Thanks zuriga, we actually have a reservation at Bocca di Lupo for Italian but we're going to cancel as after London we head to Italy...

          I'm thinking of Donostia, any comments?

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            No comments on Donostia because I haven't eaten there. How about something at Bistrot Bruno Loubet - I love the food there or Casse Croute?

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              I haven't been to Donostia but Fino, Barrafina's sister restaurant is good and does take bookings - it's a much more formal setting than Barrafina.

              I also like Salt Yard, Dehesa and Opera Tavern- again they are sister restaurants. I think Dehesa has a more celebratory feel even though it is quite informal, but a lot of their tables are tall and have stools which may or may not appeal.

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                I've been to Donostia a number of times and it's always been excellent. Quite low key and relaxed, usually sit at the bar and the staff are lovely.
                I also really love Salt Yard as Abbyd mentioned. It's a more buzzy place than Donostia and the food is a bit more gutsy than Donostia. I've been about 4 or 5 times and usually with enough people to try the whole menu ,I preferred some dishes more than others but they're consistently good across the menu and across visits.

              2. Abby D and Paprikaboy, I went right to the Salt Yard website and showed the menu to the birthday boy; when we finished drooling I tried to make a reservation. Alas, they are not open on Sunday!

                Another time...