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Apr 1, 2014 12:45 PM

Personal Challenge for you: Saturday Night - Dinner Reservation for 8

Anyone up for a personal challenge?

Trying to find a reservation for 8 people sometime between 7-8 pm (7, 7:30, or 8 is fine) for Saturday Kenmore/Back Bay/Brighton/Allston/Brookline/Cambridge. Non-chain, spending up to about $50/pp (more is okay for the right spot). Preferably non-Asian (I see that Basho has openings). Anything else is pretty much fair game/okay.

It's for a 30th birthday dinner (thrown together rather last-minute), so a somewhat nice environment for a group dinner preferred (in other words, not looking for a sports bar).

Had my fingers crossed for the wine & tapas place in Washington Square but they said they're already booked. Then I thought about any of the other WashSq places now, but it seems they're ALL full.

Other ideas? Thoughts? Criticisms? Comments?

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    1. Catalyst in Kendall Sq. They had last minute Valentine's Day tables, so maybe they're big enough to take you.
      Eastern Standard? Tremont 647?

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      1. re: opinionatedchef

        Also, depending on how casual you want to be, snagging that comfy lounge area in front of the fireplace would be novel.

      2. Besides those suggested there's also La Morra in Brookline Village, Brasserie Jo, Petit Robert Bistro in Kenmore or South End. Gaslight and Cinquecento in the south end have parking lots and are large spaces that can possibly accommodate.

        1. Are you calling or using Opentable? I doubt a lot of places will ever say they have a table for 8 on a Saturday via opentable. That's something they'll hold back.

          I'll agree with Catalyst. Also, Commonwealth has a quasi private room that would work well.

          1. the stockyard in brighton