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Apr 1, 2014 12:17 PM

Rori's Artisinal Creamery - Montecito & Santa Barbara

I did a search and didn't turn up any mention of Rori's in the database. Anyone have any experience with their ice cream? Supposedly (according to their website) they have retail locations in Montecito and Santa Barbara.

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  1. Not been there myself, McConnell's Ice Cream, too close and too loved by me the make the effort, but Rori's gets good local reviews even if one writer uses ColdStone Creamery as their taste and quality reference point:

    I believe Rori's custom made the ice-cream flavors for the Indonesian SamaSama Test Kitchen which were very good and novel.

    And I also believe Rori's will be opening a place in the soon to be open "Public Market Place" by the Arlington Theater catering to the high-end foodie clientele in this town and within the new downtown luxury condo complex. Expected opening for the Public Market Place featuring local premium product purveyors now set for April 2014….. but not "firm".

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      Thanks for the reply globetrotter...I lived in Isla Vista back in 1968 and was introduced to McConnell's then and there. At that time they had a "granular" problem with their ice cream that I didn't enjoy, but it has undoubtedly been fixed since then or I would be hearing/reading about it on the "Net" I'm sure.

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        They sometimes years ago resold "seconds" which had melted and refrozen, but were still safe and flavorful because the ingredients were so premium.

        But they were clearly labeled at their outlets as "seconds" and the greatly reduced price let you know what you were getting.

        They were sometimes as you described "granular". Some times you got first run stuff that had been mis-labeled, so it was always pot-luck with those.

        Perhaps someone was selling the McConnell's "seconds" as the real deal out there in shady IV? But I have not seen any "seconds" sold anywhere now for years so you can count on getting their best quality stuff these days.

        Looking forward to your report on Rori's. I need to get out there myself one day. Reviews are good.