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Apr 1, 2014 10:58 AM

Kyma - Roslyn - LONG ISLAND

Word on the street has it that Kyma in Roslyn is giving Limani a run for it's money.
I'm not a fan of Limani. I find that a plain grilled fish does not a cuisine make. Nothing other than that at Limani is all that Greek. Take it from a Greek.
Kyma has an online menu that looks very similar but a bit more appealing I guess, as I haven't yet been, and by the talk I've heard, much more popular as well.
BTW, the picture is the Opposite of what I would order in any restaurant. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but a plain piece of protein does not appeal to me in a restaurant.

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  1. Regarding Greek contributions to civilization, plain grilled fish ranks right up there with philosophy and democracy, as far as I'm concerned.

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    1. re: emarcus

      YES! does the rest of the cuisine ;-)

      FWIW, if when I do eat fish in a restaurant, I don't usually go for the farm raised selection or the Chilean Sea Bass.

      That said, on one occasion I had the grilled branzino (farm raised and imported) at MP Taverna. It really IS good... (but is it not the same as one might find at Limani or similar joints - like Varka in New Jersey...)

    2. a pic of todays special to tide you over till you get to go and try for yourselves...

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      1. re: Gastronomos

        Looks like pieces of protein to me! I think the chops and the fish both look delicious.

        1. re: mcf

          they probably are delicious too!
          i just wonder how Greek they are as they aren't found in Greece prepared and served that way. this place claims to be a Greek restaurant, after all.

          1. re: Gastronomos

            Maybe it's a Greek chef cooking creatively using traditional Greek ingredients.

            1. re: mcf

              I haven't been to Kyma yet. And I will undoubtedly be invited at some point o.0 But from the list of a menu:
              there really isn't anything 'chefy' going on. and for sure nothing 'creative".
              there's a broilerman, a grillman, and a fry-o-lator operator. maybe a kitchen manager to order ingredients and manage the kitchen staff schedules.

              OK, I'll admit, there are a couple of items on the online menu that a 'chef' type needs to make a week or two ahead of time to be refrigerated or frozen and microwaved to order.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. As MP Taverna Chef Michael Psilakis has stated in the past, his restaurants are not "whole grilled fish" places. He DOES bow to the family tradition of fishing and grilling the catch in his grilled branzino. That is two fillets of fish that are grilled and served with tasty accoutrements, not monkey dish sides. He has stated that catching and grilling fish reminds him of growing up with his father and doing the same.
          I suppose that he agrees that he isn't needed in the kitchen if all that's going on is the grilling of protein. That, and the fact that he really isn't cooking in MP Taverna. And who is, is doing a poor job. It's not that the place is packed with Greeks. No. To the contrary, you will not find natives of the cuisine there. For many reasons I'm sure. The place is, to quote the below article, "dedicated to rescuing his culture’s culinary reputation from the depravations of diners and gyro shacks." and it looks like also from the ubiquitous and over done, YAWN!, whole grilled fish, served steak house style - with a flourish of pomp and OOO's and WOW's !! from servers and diners alike.
          MP Taverna can serve a lamb burger juicy and delectable one day and on a subsequent visit the same can be a hardened disk of concrete on stale bread. The lamb shank is fresh and tasty on the day it’s made, and two weeks of refrigeration / freezing it suffers the same outcome as the moussaka and pastitsio in many gyro shacks.
          If we want Greek food, as we find in Greece, we may need to venture into Queens. We do it for nearly all other cuisines as was recently mentioned on another post and thread. I only wish I could offer a suggestion for Queens, if only for comparison purposes alone.


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          1. re: Gastronomos

            Erica's reporting on the dismal slide at Brasserie Cassis some time back led to management attention and improvements at Bistro Cassis in Huntington, (though the Brasserie was still a bad experience with very unprofessional staff behavior some months ago, and no standout food. I thought staff were going to come to blows.)

            She sure calls them out when they are not providing the experience they should. Not every Newsday food critic does. Smart management would take immediate action.

            1. re: mcf

              Much agreed. That wasn't the case with newsday 10+ years ago when everything in every review was 'just fine', no matter the crap on the plate.

              I like the review, except for the looking to order veal parmagian in a Belgian restaurant.

              I like that she calls them out. I like it that many restaurants will do something about it. I hope the management will do something, but it's unlikely. They are the same management / investment team that does all Chef Michael Psilakis places. And they got the attitude that if the hacks in the kitchen are goofing off, just give the customer a price break or free dessert.
              Unfortunately, most idiot customers love that, and the management plays that well.

              MP Taverna got 3 1/2 stars for a reason. And there was no whole grilled fish on or off the menu to get those stars. Let's hope for the best as I see a visit to Kyma coming soon. And I am bracing myself for the "show"...