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What to make my picky boyfriend?

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I enjoy cooking for others, but my skills are pretty limited at this moment in time. I would love to cook for my boyfriend but he is just so picky! He likes mac & cheese, most fruit, hot dogs, spaghetti (with no meat in sauce), etc but refuses to eat any kind of chicken unless its chicken tenders or boneless wings and HATES all veggies. He does like fish, but like i said i am pretty inexperienced in cooking so I'm not sure how to make that. I know that he wishes he wasnt so picky, as he would like to eat healthier but with his taste habits its hard to find healthy meals he enjoys. Anyways, what could i possibly cook for him so it's not repetitive spaghetti every time I cook for him? Thanks!

edit: he does like any meat besides hot dogs and chicken tenders/wings. forgot to mention that!

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  1. Have you considered making a more fancy version of mac n cheese, hot dogs or even a grilled cheese sandwich?

    I never realized mac n cheese could be fancy until I tried Cochon Butcher's pancetta mac n cheese and Dakota's truffled mac n cheese. I have no idea how they are made, but phenomenal does not even describe it accurately.

    As for hot dogs, does he only eat the cheap variety? Have you tried some of the higher end dogs?

    Good luck!

    1. See this parallel thread on cooking for a picky husband that is active right now: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/970888

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        Exactly. In that thread i linked the "sneaky chef" blog where there are recipes for the OP to add veggies into spag sauce and mac n cheese

      2. Cooking "fish" is honestly one of the easiest things in the world to cook. Basic cooking/broiled for fish just a little melted butter, water and season to taste, pop in the oven bake for 15-20 mins for thin flaky fish.

        Try this......take some tilapia filet's, cut them into "fingers" or strips, coat them with some soy sauce,season, a thin slice or two of garlic and bake 15-20 mins on 350. Delicious!

        1. I say start making him cook with you, if not for you as well. I let my picky eater boyfriend get away with not cooking for to many years. I haven't had a meal cooked for me in 18 yrs. I cooked what he liked for years. Not cooking vegetables he didn't like not using things he didn't like.

          When they put the effort into shopping, paying and cooking something even if they don't like it they will suck it up and eat it. If they don't partake in any of the effort it makes it to easy for them to turn up there nose and push food away. Took me this long to figure out. Start now!

          1. JohnLH has a good idea of making an elevated version of his favorite dishes.

            I love food and it's hard for me to comprehend picky eaters. I would think they would get bored of eating the same things but they really actually enjoy their favorite things. Here are some ideas I think you can do that aren't extremely hard to pull off

            Spaghetti - Find a place around town that makes fresh pasta. Make your own tomato sauce by using canned tomatoes, a little garlic, onion, bell pepper, and a little carrot to sweet it up. a little basil, oregano and blend it up to the consistency he likes.let it simmer and the flavors meld together. Shave a nice Parisian cheese over top get or make garlic bread and by a decent wine.

            Sausage mac and cheese is almost like hot dogs and mac and cheese.

            Steak, mashed potatoes and don't be afraid to add veggies like onions mushrooms etc. because maybe he'll decided to try it and like it. just make the veggies in a separate pan.

            BLT or Steak Philly with home made fries and his favorite beer.

            If he will eat breaded chicken you could do chicken parmigiana.

            Home made pizza. If you are uncomfortable making the dough you can buy that from your local store. and buy his favorite ingredients. Pairs nice with wine or beer,

            Tacos - I don't know any guy that hates tacos. make a taco bar for him. Do margaritas, beer, lemonade or limeade.

            and don't be afraid to put something on his plate he may not like, My husband grew up in a household with huge deathly food allergies he has never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for instance.

            So when we first met he wasn't very cultured in food but as time went by he found out he liked things he never thought he would.

            Also you can bake any type of fish he likes using this guide. I used it the first time I baked fish and it came out great. http://www.chow.com/food-news/55629/t...

            1. Folks, we asked this on the other similar thread, and we'll ask it here, as well:

              Please focus on sharing recipes and ideas and not on analyzing the relationship or debating/joking about whether or not the original poster should accommodate her boyfriend's pickiness.


              1. Buy a cookbook like Joy of Cooking and help him learn how to cook something he, or both of you like. I always thought anyone can cook with a little trial and error, desire, and reading comprehension. Also, watch some of the simpler cooking shows, like 30 minute meals, Kelsey Nixon's shows etc. Also check out PBS and the internet, a little desire goes a long way, get him involved.