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Apr 1, 2014 10:30 AM

Need Good recs for college students

My friend and I are coming up from Tucson to meet some friends from la. We are staying at the Loews on Coronado. Looking for some good brunch spots and dinner recs. we have cars so anywhere within 15 miles is good. Any cuisine is fine no one is too picky. We are college students so cheaper is better. Dinner under 40 pp is good with liquor. Again any cuisine would work. Looking for somewhere with a hip young vibe doesn't need to be loud. But somewhere we can drink and have a nice time and not feel like the youngest people. I haven't been to San Diego in years so any recs would be much appreciated. Brunch and dinner and drink! Thanks so much San Diego hounds.

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  1. I like Loews a lot, but....

    Your pretty well marooned there. It's a schlep to anywhere. I'd have a look at the water taxi- don't remember if it goes that far out anymore.

    Be sure to have a designated driver for your journeys back and forth.

    1. Drive down the strand to IB and hit up the new Sea 180 located in the Pier South Resort Hotel for happy hour right on the boardwalk at the beach. It does get crowded on weekends, but it is a great value and a pretty, scenic drive.

      1. For starving students, you're staying at a pretty nice hotel!

        You might want to check out Brigantine on Orange St. to see if that works for you. It's a good place both food and drink-wise, and I don't think college-age students stand out there any more than anyone else. Not loud, and not really "hip" I suppose, but it's a neat chow-worthy spot that's not overly expensive, and close to where you're staying.

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          haha yes it it nice for starving college students. Some of us have money others dont... want to be fair for everyone involved. Do you think we should be staying somewhere else? Is the resort and spa a better location for us? Thanks for the recs though

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            If you are interested in exploring SD (and its food options) Coronado might be one of the worst places to stay (regarding local ption and distance to interesting places). I would try to find something else

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              If by "resort and spa" you're referring to the Hilton on Mission Bay, yes that would be a terrific option, and it's very central. From there you can easily get to PB and downtown.

          2. If you are into craft beer, Pizza Port Ocean Beach is close as the crow flies, but might be a little involved driving. You wouldn't necessarily would have to eat there, as there are plenty of places nearby. A lot of people here think their pizza sucks worse than Dominos, though I think it is acceptable.

            You aren't that far from some very good taco trucks in Chula Vista if you want to give that scene a try.

            There is nowhere you could go in Coronado w/o being the youngest table there. With that said, you probably would like Leroy's. Decent food and drinks.

            1. I know they dont want us to talk anywhere but restaurants but do you think we should be staying in gaslamp better walking distances from places?

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                The Gaslamp definitely has an abundant preponderance of restaurants and pubs aimed at people in their 20's, particularly on 5th and vicinity, between Broadway and K.

                The Westin or the Westgate would put you very close to the epicenter.