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Apr 1, 2014 10:28 AM

Help for memorable second to last meal in Tokyo... all other meals accounted for :)

Hello, my husband and I are going to Tokyo/Kyoto for a week for the first time in May and we already have the following lined up (we are big foodies and love good drinks as well):

Jiro (main restaurant) Monday
Sushi Yasuda Tuesday

Kikunoi Wednesday
Shoraian Thursday
Hafuu Friday

Tapas Molecular Bar Sunday

What am I missing for saturday dinner given the other types of foods I will be having during the week? it doesn't even have to be fancy... just something yummy!

Many thanks in advance.

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  1. I'd do something casual like an izakaya.

    I'd also skip Tapas Molecular Bar but ymmv.

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    1. re: prasantrin

      we plan to do some of those as well, any recommendations? did you not like tapas? we are staying at the mandarin so thought it would be an easy last meal for a sunday.

      1. re: maryanne007

        Hmm, Tapas Molecular is the one place on your list I wouldn't skip.

        I would also recommend visiting some izakaya - there's a fun place called Mondo right across the street from your hotel (in Tokyo) that serves regional cuisine and sake from Shimane-ken.

        1. re: maryanne007

          i didn't mind tapas. It was fun, but the food was hardly memorable. That being said, I ate there 6 or more years ago. Maybe it's better now. (the restroom on the same floor as the restaurant was more memorable to me than the food)

          I'm not as familiar with izakaya in tokyo, so unfortunately I cannot give a personal recommendation. I was just thinking of a different style of dining that might be interesting for a first-timer.

          1. re: prasantrin

            Interesting - I found the whole theatrical experience at Tapas (rather than just the food) very memorable, but YMMV I suppose.

            On the other hand I've been to Hafuu and I must have missed the point - why exactly do people go there?

            1. re: Robb S

              is the meat at hafuu not that great?

              1. re: maryanne007

                No, I'm sure it's fine. If I actually lived in the same building, upstairs from Hafuu, I would probably go there once or twice a month to eat, if I was too tired to walk somewhere else. I'm just wondering what I missed that makes it destination dining....

                1. re: Robb S

                  Hm interesting, do you have any recommendations for great meat/beef in Kyoto then?

                  1. re: maryanne007

                    No, that's literally what I'm asking. Is "good beef in Kyoto" actually a thing? And if so, is it Hafuu? I didn't notice it while I was there.

                    If you had to have one beefy meal during your week in Japan, I'd probably send you to 511 in Akasaka:

                    I'd maybe also mention that heirloom-breed pork is the new Kobe beef, and steer you in that direction.

                    If I absolutely had to recommend great beef in Kyoto maybe I'd say Grill Miyata for steaks or Mishimatei for sukiyaki, but I will defer to actual Kyoto experts for better options.

                    1. re: Robb S

                      I see - thanks for clarifying, I will look into 511, have heard good things about that as well.

                    2. re: maryanne007

                      Meat Arakawa in Kyoto. Only set course meal available. Being adventurous would help as some of the courses include raw innards.


        2. I recommend Ishikawa or Nagazumi.

          Note that Nagazumi is open Sunday, if you should choose to switch Tapas Molecular Bar.

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          1. re: pauliface

            Thanks I'll look into Nagazumi. I think I'm looking for something not like the others on my list (and perhaps less than $200 per person, so Ishikawa is out for now). Any suggestions for something fun with good drinks?

            1. re: pauliface

              Just returned from Tokyo last week.
              In addition to Ishikawa and Nagazumi, I have two other strong recommendations:

              Sushi Takumi Shingo (although you already have plenty of sushi).
              Izakaya Nakamura Shibuya -- good vibe, delicious food. Everything was great. A bit more upscale and lounge feel than a true after-work izakaya -- but a great ambience.

              1. re: pauliface

                thanks so much for the recommendations!

              1. re: maryanne007

                It looks like you have one dinner slot open and you've already gotten several ideas....

                I notice you said you were planning to go to some izakayas, but didn't list any. If you were planning to go to izakayas at lunchtime, I would suggest not doing that, as you will be disappointed.

                1. re: Robb S

                  I was hoping for some suggestions on izakayas as well... but noted on not going at lunch. Thanks.

              2. I recommend Kondo ( tempura) for last Tokyo meal , The meal I had there was very memorable and fantastic. Both food , atmosphere, and watching the chef at work. It was recommended to me by Massa from 15 East ( NYC) .

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